BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermesa: Enable building vulkan driverJoel Winarske7 weeks
hardknottrecipes: Update SRC_URI protocols for githubDevendra Tewari8 weeks
dunfelllinux-firmware-rpidistro: Use buster branch instead of masterPavel Zhukov2 months
honisterlinux-firmware-rpidistro: Use bullseye branchKhem Raj2 months
gatesgarthpython3-adafruit-*: fix branch parameterMartin Jansa6 months
warriorlinux-raspberrypi: Only deploy cmdline.txt for the main kernelAlex Gonzalez15 months
mortygstreamer-plugins-bad: enable wayland for OpenGL in vc4graphicsMoorthy Baskar19 months
zeusrpi-base.conf: add disable-bt.dtbo and miniuart-bt.dtbo overlays.Orne Brocaar22 months
thudpsplash: Raise alternatives priority to 200Gianluigi Tiesi2 years
sumorpi-base.inc: Build rpi-poe dtb overlayAndrei Gherzan3 years
rockoraspberrypi-cm3.conf: Inherit raspberrypi3 not raspberrypi2Andrei Gherzan3 years
pyrodocs, readme: Update branch references for pyroPaul Barker4 years
krogothbcm2835: Compile examples correct LDFLAGS to avoid HASH errorsAndrei Gherzan5 years
fidorpi-default-providers: Let users overwrite the default providersAndrei Gherzan6 years
jethroREADME: Fix documentation to disable overscanJonathan Liu6 years
dizzylinux-raspberrypi: faulty branch and srcrev for 3.16Petter Mab├Ącker7 years
daisygstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: Build eglglessink for Raspberry PiAlex J Lennon7 years
doraomxplayer: Install fonts directory in datadirS├ębastien Mennetrier8 years
dylansdcard_image-rpi.bbclass: Fix error in conditional testSeth Bollinger9 years
dannyREADME: Modify dependencies for danny branchAndrei Gherzan9 years
denzillinux-raspberrypi_3.1.9: Fix typoAndrei Gherzan10 years