AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-09rpi-default-providers: Let users overwrite the default providersfidoAndrei Gherzan
2015-12-09userland: Fix POSIX compliance expectationKhem Raj
2015-12-09If SERIAL_CONSOLE is already define by another layer, this value may not be g...Thomas Perrot
2015-12-09linux-raspberrypi: Update 3.18 branch to 3.18.11Petter Mabäcker
2015-03-12.gitignore: Ignore some stuffAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-12rpi-basic-image: Define rpi SPLASH specific packageAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-12vc-graphics: Move to recipes-graphicsAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-12firmware.inc: Move to recipes-bspAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-12bootfiles: Move to recipes-bspAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-12bcm2835: More recipe to devtoolsAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-12xserver-xf86-config: add rpi2 awarenessPetter Mabäcker
2015-03-01rpi-base.inc: Include the RPI2 DTBAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-01README: Layer now depends on meta-oe tooAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-01README: Remove info about gerrit serverAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-01layer.conf: set high layer priorityPetter Mabäcker
2015-03-01raspberrypi.conf: Use arm1176jzfshf as default tuneAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-01rpi-base.inc: Use KERNEL_DEVICETREE by defaultAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-01userland: Fix build for armv7Andrei Gherzan
2015-03-01linux-raspberrypi: Refactor kernel recipesAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-01userland: Bump SRCREVAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-01bcm2835: Update to v1.38Andrei Gherzan
2015-03-01rpi-gpio: Update to v0.5.9Andrei Gherzan
2015-03-01omxplayer: Bump SRCREVAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-14README: Github repo changedAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-11README: As users asked - bitbucket mirrorAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-08Add support for Raspberry PI 2Andrei Gherzan
2015-02-08Use variable for kernel image deployed name on SD cardAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-08linux-raspberrypi.inc: Make KERNEL_DEFCONFIG machine specificAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-08firmware: Update to HEADAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-08linux-raspberrypi.inc: Remove machine specific CMDLINE definitionAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-08rpi-default-versions.inc: Use kernel v3.18 by defaultAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-08xserver-xf86-config: Use SOC specific assignementsAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-08raspberrypi.conf: Split in specific and common conf. filesAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-07Merge "devicetree: Add support for DT overlays with RPi bootloader"Andrei Gherzan
2015-02-07devicetree: Add support for DT overlays with RPi bootloaderFrancois Muller
2015-02-06README: add info about device tree supportPetter Mabäcker
2015-02-05devicetree: Add minimal support with RPi bootloaderFrancois Muller
2015-02-05README: Fix redmine tagAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-05linux-raspberrypi: Update 3.12 branch to 3.12.36Petter Mabäcker
2015-02-05Revert "linux-raspberrypi: Change to Linux Yocto style kernel recipes"Petter Mabäcker
2015-02-04README: Commit log issue tagAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-03Merge "linux-raspberrypi: Remove old v3.2.27"Andrei Gherzan
2015-02-03Merge "linux-raspberrypi: Change to Linux Yocto style kernel recipes"Andrei Gherzan
2015-02-03README: Introduce redmineAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-01linux-raspberrypi: Remove old v3.2.27Andrei Gherzan
2015-01-31linux-raspberrypi: Change to Linux Yocto style kernel recipesAlex J Lennon
2015-01-31README: Fix typoAndrei Gherzan
2015-01-25linux-raspberrypi: faulty branch and srcrev for 3.16dizzyPetter Mabäcker
2015-01-25linux-raspberrypi: fix do_configure failurePetter Mabäcker
2015-01-25sdimage-raspberrypi.wks: kickstart image definitionMaciej Borzecki