AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-04docs, readme: Update branch references for pyropyroPaul Barker
2017-12-04firmware.inc: Update to 20171029Andrei Gherzan
2017-12-04linux-raspberrypi: Update 4.9 recipe to 4.9.59Andrei Gherzan
2017-12-04userland: Update to latest revisionKhem Raj
2017-12-04userland: RPROVIDES is missing libeglFrancesco Giancane
2017-12-04userland: Update to current master HEADAndrei Gherzan
2017-12-04userland: Add missing EGL_CAST definesAndrea Galbusera
2017-10-20rpi-base.inc: Set dependencies for creating wic imagesPaul Barker
2017-10-20rpi-base.inc: Simplify setting of IMAGE_BOOT_FILESPaul Barker
2017-10-20rpi-base: wic: generate entries for u-bootAndrea Galbusera
2017-10-20linux-raspberrypi_4.9.bb: Upgrade to 4.9.50Khem Raj
2017-10-20sdcard_image-rpi: fix absolute path in vfat symlinkAndrea Galbusera
2017-10-04Merge pull request #134 from agherzan/pyro-wifi-fw-updatePaul Barker
2017-10-02linux-firmware: Update brcmfmac43430 to Gherzan
2017-09-12wiringpi: Fix linking problemAurelian Zanoschi
2017-09-06firmware: Update to tag '1.20170811'Paul Barker
2017-09-06linux-raspberrypi: Update to tag 'raspberrypi-kernel_1.20170811-1'Paul Barker
2017-09-06rpio: Add RDEPENDS For python-logging & python-threadingThomas Thorne
2017-09-06linux-rasbperrypi: Update to 4.9.35Paul Barker
2017-07-04raspberrypi3-64.conf: Don't use raspberrypi as MACHINEOVERRIDESMichal Mazurek
2017-07-04sdcard_image-rpi.bbclass: deploy vfat partitionMatthew McClintock
2017-07-04pi-blaster: update to include proper rpi3 supportPetter Mabäcker
2017-06-02Merge pull request #81 from agherzan/masterAndrei Gherzan
2017-06-01linux-raspberrypi-dev: Skip if not preferred providerPaul Barker
2017-06-01linux-raspberrypi-dev: Rename recipePaul Barker
2017-05-27bcm2835: Remove dependency of bcm2835-dev on bcm2835Andrei Gherzan
2017-05-26docs: Format all links correctlyPaul Barker
2017-05-26docs: small editorial fixMirza Krak
2017-05-26docs: drop "Device tree support" sectionMirza Krak
2017-05-26docs: fix alignment of "code blocks"Mirza Krak
2017-05-26docs: Remove incompatible table formatPaul Barker
2017-05-26docs: Include readme in sphinx documentationPaul Barker
2017-05-26docs: Initial sphinx configurationPaul Barker
2017-05-26docs: Initial split of README into docs directoryPaul Barker
2017-05-26userland: Update to latestKhem Raj
2017-05-26linux-raspberrypi: Minor recipe tidyupPaul Barker
2017-05-26linux-rasbperrypi: Update to 4.9.27Paul Barker
2017-05-24userland: Update to latestKhem Raj
2017-05-22linux-raspberrypi: Minor recipe tidyupPaul Barker
2017-05-22linux-rasbperrypi: Update to 4.9.27Paul Barker
2017-05-17Merge pull request #71 from agherzan/pbarker/dev-4.11Andrei Gherzan
2017-05-17Merge pull request #59 from LocutusOfBorg/patch-2Andrei Gherzan
2017-05-17Merge pull request #70 from agherzan/pbarker/drop-4.4Andrei Gherzan
2017-05-16Merge pull request #68 from resin-os/ignore-logsAndrei Gherzan
2017-05-16raspberrypi0.conf: make SERIAL_CONSOLE overridable from outsideGianfranco Costamagna
2017-05-16linux-raspberrypi: Make CMDLINE overridable from outsideGianfranco Costamagna
2017-05-15Merge pull request #67 from agherzan/misc-fixesAndrei Gherzan
2017-05-15Merge pull request #69 from agherzan/githubAndrei Gherzan
2017-05-15linux-raspberrypi: Switch dev recipe to 4.11 branchPaul Barker
2017-05-15linux-rasberrypi: Drop 4.4 series kernelPaul Barker