AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-21bcm2835: Compile examples correct LDFLAGS to avoid HASH errorskrogothAndrei Gherzan
2016-09-21bcm2835: Update to 1.50Andrei Gherzan
2016-09-21wiringPi: Fix compilation of librariesAndrei Gherzan
2016-09-21wiringpi: Fix prepend spaceAndrei Gherzan
2016-09-21wiringpi: Update to 2.32Andrei Gherzan
2016-09-16sdcard_image-rpi.bbclass: remove redundant IMAGEDATESTAMPJonathan Liu
2016-08-29userland: Add bash to RDEPENDSScott Ellis
2016-07-13gstreamer1.0-omx-1.2.0: Add patches and bbappend for 1.2.0 separatelyKhem Raj
2016-07-13sdcard_image-rpi.bbclass: Add the vardepexcludesKhem Raj
2016-07-08sdcard_image-rpi.bbclass: Exclude DATETIME from task stampKhem Raj
2016-07-08linux-raspberrypi_4.4: Upgrade to 4.4.13Khem Raj
2016-07-08firmware: Upgrade to 20160622Khem Raj
2016-07-08userland: Upgrade to latest tipKhem Raj
2016-07-08sdcard_image-rpi: Always install dtb filesPaul Barker
2016-07-08rpi-mkimage: Remove unused recipePaul Barker
2016-07-08u-boot: Use mainline u-boot recipe from oe-corePaul Barker
2016-07-08linux-raspberrypi: rpi-mkimage is no longer neededPaul Barker
2016-07-08packagegroup-rpi-test: Fix COPYING md5sumAndrei Gherzan
2016-07-08linux-raspberrypi: Fix v4.1 with GCC6Andrei Gherzan
2016-07-08packagegroup-rpi-test: Poky moved the license so fix LIC_FILES_CHKSUMAndrei Gherzan
2016-06-15linux-raspberrypi.inc: KERNEL_OUTPUT has been removed in kernel.bbclassHerve Jourdain
2016-06-14omxplayer: fix compilation with GCC 6Jonathan Liu
2016-06-13linux-rpi: ensure config file is closedJonathan Liu
2016-05-19linux-raspberrypi_4.4.bb: Upgrade to 4.4.9Khem Raj
2016-05-19linux-rpi: Enable kconf options to enable initramfs supportKhem Raj
2016-05-19firmware: Update to "20160512" snapshotKhem Raj
2016-05-19userland: Update to tip of treeKhem Raj
2016-05-05linux-raspberrypi_4.4.bb: Upgrade to 4.4.8Khem Raj
2016-05-05replace base_contains by bb.utils.containsAndreas Müller
2016-05-04sdcard_image-rpi.bbclass: Fix do_image_rpi_sdimg tashhash mismatchJonathan Liu
2016-04-25README: Switch from redmine to github issuesAndrei Gherzan
2016-04-25rpi-base.inc: Include pi3-miniuart-bt-overlay.dtbAndrei Gherzan
2016-04-22linux-raspberrypi_4.1: Update to v4.1.21Andrei Gherzan
2016-04-22bluez5: Add bluez5 support for brcm43438 on raspberrypi3.toolmmy
2016-04-22packagegroup-rpi-test: Add packages to be able to test WiFi/BluetoothAndrei Gherzan
2016-04-22linux-raspberrypi: Set baudrate and use serial0 for kgdbocAndrei Gherzan
2016-04-22linux-raspberrypi: Bump to v4.4.7Andrei Gherzan
2016-04-22README: Document new variable configurationTheodor Gherzan
2016-04-21linux-raspberrypi: Make use of serial aliasesTheodor Gherzan
2016-04-21rpi-config: Add UART enablerTheodor Gherzan
2016-04-21firmware.inc: Update firmware to include various serial fixesTheodor Gherzan
2016-04-21raspberrypi*.conf: Serial console definition splitTrevor Woerner
2016-04-21omxplayer: Bump revisionJonathan Liu
2016-04-20userland: Fix passing of wayland-native to cmake while configuringTom Doehring
2016-04-13userland: Make vchostif as shared libraryKhem Raj
2016-04-13userland: Fix a build regression in builds not using waylandKhem Raj
2016-04-13userland: In case of wayland configuration build needs wayland-nativeAndrei Gherzan
2016-04-13README: Mention all the supported machinesAndrei Gherzan
2016-04-13linux-firmware: Rework of brcmfmac43430 firmware handlingtoolmmy
2016-04-13linux-raspberrypi: Rename linux.inc to linux-rpi.inc Rename linux.inc to prev...Alan Stice