AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-06raspberrypi-cm3.conf: Inherit raspberrypi3 not raspberrypi2rockoAndrei Gherzan
2018-08-17layer-contents.md: Update documentationAndrei Gherzan
2018-08-17linux-firmware: Remove as replaced by linux-firmware-raspbianAndrei Gherzan
2018-08-17raspberrypi3-64.conf: Use linux-firmware-raspbian packages and add bcm43455Andrei Gherzan
2018-08-17raspberrypi3.conf: Use linux-firmware-raspbian packages and add bcm43455Andrei Gherzan
2018-08-17linux-firmware-raspbian: New recipe which uses RPi-Distro repositoryAndrei Gherzan
2018-07-20linux-raspberrypi: update 4.9 recipe to current HEADMirza Krak
2018-07-20Revert "weston: remove rpi-backend configuration switch"Mirza Krak
2018-05-02Merge pull request #229 from agherzan/pbarker/for-rockoPaul Barker
2018-04-23layer-contents.md: Update documentationPaul Barker
2018-04-23rpi-base.inc: Add Raspberry Pi 3B+ dtbAndrei Gherzan
2018-04-23firmware: Update to 20180313Andrei Gherzan
2018-04-23linux-raspberrypi: Update 4.9 recipe to current HEADAndrei Gherzan
2018-04-23rpi-base.inc: set default wic kickstart filePeter A. Bigot
2018-04-23linux-firmware: fix addition of NVRAM file to image (fixes #184)Hugo Hromic
2018-04-23linux-firmware: make rpi fw specific to rpiMartin Kelly
2018-04-23linux-firmware: Replace /lib with ${nonarch_base_libdir}Michael Gloff
2018-04-23firmware: Use snapshots from master againKhem Raj
2018-04-23firmware: Update to recent commitPaul Barker
2018-04-23linux-raspberrypi: Update to v4.9.80Paul Barker
2018-04-23rpi-config: fix config variables with the same initial name being overwrittenHugo Hromic
2018-04-23linux-raspberrypi: Update 4.9 recipe to 4.9.77Andrei Gherzan
2018-04-23docs: Do not force alabaster themePaul Barker
2018-04-23readme: Update quick linksPaul Barker
2018-04-23linux-raspberrypi: Update to 4.9.65Paul Barker
2018-04-03sdimage-raspberrypi.wks: find /boot partition on mmcblk0Peter A. Bigot
2018-03-05Merge pull request #203 from benierc/rockoPaul Barker
2018-03-03rpio: Use pypi.bbclassPaul Barker
2017-12-04docs, readme: Update branch references for rockoPaul Barker
2017-12-04userland: Update to latest revisionKhem Raj
2017-12-04firmware.inc: Update to 20171029Andrei Gherzan
2017-12-04linux-raspberrypi: Update 4.9 recipe to 4.9.59Andrei Gherzan
2017-11-30Merge pull request #165 from koenkooi/rocko-backportsPaul Barker
2017-11-29userland: RPROVIDES is missing libeglFrancesco Giancane
2017-11-29x264: Disable asm for raspberrypi0-wifiAndrei Gherzan
2017-10-20weston: remove rpi-backend configuration switchFrancesco Giancane
2017-10-12docs: Drop comment on broken raspberrypi3-64 HDMI outputPaul Barker
2017-10-09linux-raspberrypi: Keep framebuffer support when vc4graphics is enabledPaul Barker
2017-10-09rpi-config: Do not force HDMI mode for raspberrypi3-64Paul Barker
2017-10-03linux-raspberrypi.inc: Define KBUILD_DEFCONFIG for rpi0 WiFiAndrei Gherzan
2017-10-02Revert "qtbase: Enable EGLFS support"Martin Jansa
2017-09-27qtbase: Enable EGLFS supportOtavio Salvador
2017-09-27layer.conf: Add Dynamic Layer mechanismOtavio Salvador
2017-09-24omxplayer: Explain inclusion of ffmpegPaul Barker
2017-09-24omxplayer: Update Upstream-status tag on patchPaul Barker
2017-09-24rpi-base.inc: Set dependencies for creating wic imagesPaul Barker
2017-09-24sdcard_image-rpi: Use un-timestamped link to rootfs partition imagePaul Barker
2017-09-24sdcard_image-rpi: Drop unnecessary sync commandsPaul Barker
2017-09-24Support using u-boot with Image format for raspberrypi3-64Paul Barker
2017-09-24rpi-base.inc: Simplify setting of IMAGE_BOOT_FILESPaul Barker