AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-10-29README: Modify dependencies for danny branchdannyAndrei Gherzan
2012-10-18sdcard_image-rpi: Use the partition table as described in commentsAndrei Gherzan
2012-10-18libav: Remove patch and recipe as new version of libav works okAndrei Gherzan
2012-10-17README: Minor tweaksAndrei Gherzan
2012-10-17libav: Align recipe version with meta-oeAndrei Gherzan
2012-10-17README: Describe overclocking optionsJulian Scheel
2012-10-17README: Describe overscan optionJulian Scheel
2012-10-17rpi-config: Add variables for overclocking options.Julian Scheel
2012-10-17rpi-config: Add variable for overscan configuration.Julian Scheel
2012-10-17rpi-config: update git revision.Julian Scheel
2012-09-27linux-raspberrypi: Use sstate DEPLOYDIRTyler Hall
2012-09-27README: Remove BBMASK = "rpi-zram-service" stepAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-27rpi-zram-service: Remove recipe as it was moved to meta-oeAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-19RPi-config: Rename recipe to rpi-configAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-18rpi-basic-image: Add splash image featureAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-18psplash: Add bbappend to use a RPi logoAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-18README: Add nice RPi ASCI logoAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-18README: Add information about license codecsAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-18sdcard_image-rpi: Ship config.txt from RPi-config recipeAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-18bcm2835-bootfiles: Add rdepends to RPi-configAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-18RPi-config: Create recipe for config.txt fileAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-18linux-raspberrypi: Update SRCREV to current@2012-09-13Sander van Grieken
2012-09-18vc-graphics.inc: Fix QA issue; Install libGLESv1_CM.so symlink in source as copySander van Grieken
2012-09-18firmware.inc: Update firmware SRCREV to current@2012-09-13Sander van Grieken
2012-09-18Move fsl-default*.inc from distro to machineAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-18sdcard_image-rpi: Fix xzcat command while writing rootfs partitionAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16sdcard_image-rpi: Ship cmdline.txt fileAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16linux-raspberrypi: Use cmdline.txt to supply kernel command lineAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16vchiq: Fix file permissionAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16recipes.txt: Fix file permissionAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16linux-raspberrypi_3.2.27.bb: Fix file permissionAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16linux.inc: Fix file permissionAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16raspberrypi.conf: Fix file permissionsAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16bcm2835-bootfiles.bb: Fix file permissionsAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16firmware.inc: Remove extra newlinesAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16rpi-first-run-wizard: Clean extra spacesAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16recipes.txt: Add info about devtools and multimedia recipes groupsAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16bcm2835: Add COMPATIBLE_MACHINEAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16rpi-default-settings.inc: Add sdcard_image-rpi to IMAGE_CLASSESAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16sdcard_image-rpi.bbclass: Inherit image_types as this class will be in IMAGE_...Andrei Gherzan
2012-09-16raspberrypi.conf: Drop INHERIT sdcard_image-rpi as we will use IMAGE_CLASSESAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16rpi-default-*.inc: Create inc files included in machine configure fileAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16raspberrypi.conf: Remove PREFERRED_* and include rpi-default*.incAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16linux-raspberrypi: Remove PR from PVAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16README: Move RPI_GPU_FIRMWARE instructions to READMEAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16raspberrypi.conf: Remove TARGET_ARCH variableAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16raspberrypi.conf: Remove GUI_MACHINE_CLASS variableAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-16sdcard_image-rpi: Fix SDIMG_SIZEAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-12sdcard_image-rpi: Align SD partition and optimize final SD imageAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-06sdcard_image-rpi.bbclass: Add sysctl.d config to set vm.min_free_kbytes to 8192Sander van Grieken