AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-21rpi-base.inc: Add MCP3008 ADC overlaykirkstoneAndrei Gherzan
2022-04-21docs: Bump copyright yearAndrei Gherzan
2022-04-21docs: Drop mention of deprecated imagesAndrei Gherzan
2022-04-21bluez-firmware-rpidistro: Add compatibility to oe-core/create-spdxDavide Gardenal
2022-04-21u-boot: Remove the randundant patchMeng Li
2022-04-21ci: Use test builds with the test imageAndrei Gherzan
2022-04-21packagegroup-rpi-test: Include more packagesAndrei Gherzan
2022-04-21rpi-hwup-image: Drop imageAndrei Gherzan
2022-04-21rpi-basic-image: Drop imageAndrei Gherzan
2022-04-21python3-adafruit-circuitpython-register: Upgrade to 1.9.8Andrei Gherzan
2022-04-21python3-adafruit-platformdetect: Upgrade to 3.22.1Andrei Gherzan
2022-04-21python3-adafruit-pureio: Uprade to 1.1.8Andrei Gherzan
2022-04-21rpio: Upgrade to 0.10.1Andrei Gherzan
2022-04-21python3-rtimu: Upgrade to 7.2.1Andrei Gherzan
2022-04-21raspi-gpio: Uprev revision to current HEAD of master branchAndrei Gherzan
2022-04-21linux-firmware-rpidistro: Update to 20210315-3+rpt4Andrei Gherzan
2022-04-21pi-blaster: Uprev the recipeAndrei Gherzan
2022-04-21bcm2835: Update to 1.71Andrei Gherzan
2022-04-21linux-raspberrypi: Update 5.10 recipe to 5.10.110Andrei Gherzan
2022-04-21linux-raspberrypi: Update 5.15 recipe to 5.15.34Andrei Gherzan
2022-04-21raspberrypi-firmware: Update to 20220331Andrei Gherzan
2022-04-20python3-sense-hat: Use specific BSD licenseKhem Raj
2022-04-14docs: link to latest documentation of kasJan Vermaete
2022-04-11linux-raspberrypi: add UBOOT_ENTRYPOINT to match LOADADDRAJ Bagwell
2022-04-04omxplayer: Use internal version of ffmpegKhem Raj
2022-04-04picamera-libs: Adjust sourcedirKhem Raj
2022-04-04userland: Update to latest as of 20220323Khem Raj
2022-04-04extra-build-config: Add documentation for the ISOLATED_CPUS configuration var...Andrew Penner
2022-04-04rpi-cmdline: Add ability to specify CPUs to add to the isolcpus listAndrew Penner
2022-04-02docs: Add information for RTC devicesAndrei Gherzan
2022-04-02docs: untabify the few tabs in the fileJan Vermaete
2022-03-31armstubs: Upgrade to 20211101Khem Raj
2022-03-31raspberrypi-firmware: Update to match 5.15.32Khem Raj
2022-03-31linux-raspberrypi_5.15.bb: Upgrade to 5.15.32Khem Raj
2022-03-27u-boot: always set fdt_addr with firmware-provided FDT addressMatthias Klein
2022-03-24linux-raspberrypi: Bump 5.15 recipe to 5.15.30Andrei Gherzan
2022-03-17linux-raspberrypi: Update to 5.15.28Khem Raj
2022-03-11python: Unbolt wheel packaging PIP_INSTALL_PACKAGE band-aidsKhem Raj
2022-03-10linux-raspberrypi: Update to 5.15.27Khem Raj
2022-03-06linux-raspberrypi_5.15.bb: Update to 5.15.26Khem Raj
2022-03-06rpi-gpio: Port to PEP-517 packagingKhem Raj
2022-03-02linux-raspberrypi_5.15.bb: Upgrade to 5.15.25Khem Raj
2022-03-01python3-adafruit-platformdetect: Fix build with wheelKhem Raj
2022-03-01python3-rtimu: Port to using setuptools and fix build with wheelKhem Raj
2022-03-01python3-adafruit-pureio: Fix build with wheelKhem Raj
2022-03-01python3-adafruit-circuitpython-register: Define PIP_INSTALL_PACKAGEKhem Raj
2022-02-25docs: Update www.raspberrypi.com documentation linksAndrei Gherzan
2022-02-25sdcard_image-rpi.bbclass: Use processed list of device treesAndrei Gherzan
2022-02-25rpi-base.inc: Cleanup redundant imgtyp variableAndrei Gherzan
2022-02-25raspberrypi-firmware.inc: Move to using tarballs from rpi deb repoAndrei Gherzan