AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-03mesa: Enable building vulkan driverHEADmasterJoel Winarske
2021-11-29weston-init: Add --continue-without-input option to westonKhem Raj
2021-11-23linux-raspberrypi: Upgrade to 5.10.81Khem Raj
2021-11-23parselogs: Update the error regexps to 5.10 kernelKhem Raj
2021-11-19conf/machine: add variant Wi-Fi/BT drivers for CM4 and Pi 400Peter A. Bigot
2021-11-18linux-firmware-rpidistro: Use bullseye branchKhem Raj
2021-11-17rpi-config: don't trigger bbfatal for empty ENABLE_UARTMartin Jansa
2021-11-14rpi-base.inc: Added gpio-poweroff overlay.Cameron Kellough
2021-11-14rpi-config: Take into consideration ENABLE_UART value of 0Andrei Gherzan
2021-11-14libwpe: Migrate build workaround from oe-coreAndrei Gherzan
2021-11-14README.md: Fix the matrix chat linkAndrei Gherzan
2021-11-14Update references to Yocto mailing listAndrei Gherzan
2021-11-14docs: Advertise raspberrypi0-2w-64 supported machineAndrei Gherzan
2021-11-14docs: Add module dependency/requirement for RtDAndrei Gherzan
2021-11-14docs: Fix RtD buildAndrei Gherzan
2021-11-14README.md: Fix sponsor table take twoAndrei Gherzan
2021-11-14README.md: Fix sponsor tableAndrei Gherzan
2021-11-14docs: Bump copyright yearAndrei Gherzan
2021-11-14README.md: Fix docs and minor tweaksAndrei Gherzan
2021-11-13linux-raspberrypi: Bump to 5.10.78Alexandru Costache
2021-11-13linux-firmware-rpidistro: Package bcm43436 and bcm43436s firmwareAlexandru Costache
2021-11-13conf/machine: Add Pi Zero 2 Wifi 64bit yocto machineAlexandru Costache
2021-11-07recipes: Update SRC_URI protocols for githubMarcel Hamer
2021-11-03linux-raspberrypi: Drop 5.4Andrei Gherzan
2021-10-30linux-raspberrypi: Bump 5.10 to 5.10.76Andrei Gherzan
2021-10-30raspberrypi-firmware: Bump to 20211007Andrei Gherzan
2021-10-14rpi-config: warn on config.txt lines exceeding 80 bytesZygmunt Krynicki
2021-09-24rpi-cmdline: Support ethernet over USBAndrew Penner
2021-09-17raspberrypi-firmware: Update to latestKhem Raj
2021-09-17linux-raspberrypi: Update to 5.10.63Khem Raj
2021-08-25raspberrypi4: Use full kms (vc4-kms-v3d) DT overlayKhem Raj
2021-08-25raspberrypi-firmware: Update to latestKhem Raj
2021-08-25linux-raspberrypi: Update to 5.10.59Khem Raj
2021-08-20machines: Use tune files from new location in oe-coreKhem Raj
2021-08-19pi-bluetooth: Add compatibility with non-systemd buildsMarcus Comstedt
2021-08-19xserver-xf86-config: Correctly append to FILES:${PN}Tom Rini
2021-08-12linux-firmware-rpidistro: fix wifi driver loading on cm4Omer Akram
2021-08-11rpi-config: Allow setting hdmi_cvtOtavio Salvador
2021-08-09sdcard_image-rpi.bbclass: Fix IMAGE_TYPEDEP override to use new syntaxKhem Raj
2021-08-09userland: package man pages in PN-docMartin Jansa
2021-08-09kas: local.conf: disable prelinkPierre-Jean Texier
2021-08-06raspberrypi-tools: Update to latestKhem Raj
2021-08-06raspberrypi-firmware: Update to latestKhem Raj
2021-08-06userland: Update to latest master branchKhem Raj
2021-08-06linux-raspberrypi: Upgrade to 5.10.52Khem Raj
2021-08-04kas: local.conf: bump CONF_VERSION variablePierre-Jean Texier
2021-08-04layer.conf: Update to honisterMartin Jansa
2021-08-04Manually fix conversionMartin Jansa
2021-08-04Convert to new override syntaxMartin Jansa
2021-07-22rpi-cmdline: Make rootfstype easier to customizeAndrei Gherzan