pokyPoky Build Tool and Metadata10 hours
poky-contribPoky Built Tool and Metadata - User Contributions Tree3 hours
yocto-docsVersioned project documentation45 hours
-Poky Support
poky-configUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.20 months
poky-contrib-archiveUser contributions older than January 1st 201320 months
-Yocto Automated Testing
poky-buildhistoryAutobuilder Saved Build History (for Poky master)7 hours
yocto-buildstatsBuild performance test results from the Yocto project20 min.
yocto-testresultsTest results published from the public autobuilder59 min.
yocto-testresults-contribTest results published from contributor autobuilders and QA teams12 days
-Yocto Metadata Layers - Platinum Members
meta-armLayer containing support for Arm products2 days
meta-awsLayer containing Amazon Web Services (AWS) device software support metadata40 hours
meta-intelLayer containing Intel hardware support metadata2 days
meta-tiLayer containing TI hardware support metadata2 days
meta-xilinxLayer containing Xilinx hardware support metadata3 weeks
-Yocto Metadata Layers - Autobuilder Tested
meta-gplv2GPLv2 versions of software where upstream has moved to GPLv3 licenses12 days
meta-mingwLayer for mingw based SDKs3 days
meta-yoctoYocto Project integration layers (Poky distro configuration, reference hardware ...4 days
-Yocto Metadata Layers - Member Layers
meta-amdLayer containing AMD hardware support metadata3 months
meta-freescaleLayer containing NXP hardware support metadata4 days
meta-renesasLayer supporting Renesas Electronics SoCs20 months
meta-sokol-flexLayer containing Sokol Flex OS support metadata40 hours
-Yocto Metadata Layers - Other Layers
meta-anacondaLayer to provide Anaconda installer4 months
meta-aragoArago Project Distro and Apps metadata used in TI SDKs2 days
meta-axxiaLayer for LSI’s family of Axxia mobile & enterprise communication processors20 months
meta-cglEnable Carrier Grade Linux compliance through a reference Linux distribution3 days
meta-cloud-servicesProvides the packages and images for Cloud compute, control and storage nodes (O...7 weeks
meta-dpdkData Plane Developer Kit ( weeks
meta-external-toolchainOE/Yocto external toolchain support layer12 days
meta-intel-contribIntel hardware support extras2 days
meta-intel-fpgaLayer containing Intel SoCFPGA hardware support metadata7 days
meta-intel-qatIntel Quick Assist Technology Layer8 weeks
meta-iviCollection of software related to In-Vehicle Infotainment systems20 months
meta-javaLayer containing recipes for OpenJDK and other open source Java-4 months
meta-lts-mixinsRepository to collect mixin layers for LTS releases4 months
meta-makerLayer supporting applications and tools for Makers in OE20 months
meta-monoMetadata layer to build the Mono runtime40 hours
meta-oicLayer containing recipes for building the Open Interconnect Consortium Iotivity ...20 months
meta-openssl102Enable OpenSSL 1.0.2 usage throughout the Yocto Project and related layers17 months
meta-openssl102-fipsProvides infrastructure to augment OpenSSL 1.0.2 with the FIPS Object Module12 months
meta-qcomLayer containing Qualcomm hardware support metadata4 days
meta-qt3Qt3 layer for supporting LSB Testing and Compliance20 months
meta-qt4Qt4 layer for supporting LSB Testing and Compliance20 months
meta-raspberrypiHardware specific BSP overlay for the RaspberryPi device2 weeks
meta-realtimeLayer enabling realtime development and system tuning3 months
meta-rockchipLayer supporting public rockchip-based development boards and products3 months
meta-securitySecurity tools for Internet connected devices4 hours
meta-selinuxLayer enabling SELinux support.6 weeks
meta-spdxscannerLayer to support multiple SPDX creation tools14 days
meta-systemdevSystem Development Images20 months
meta-tensorflowLayer containing recipes related to building tensorflow40 hours
meta-virtualizationLayer enabling hypervisor, virtualization tool stack, and cloud support.2 days
meta-xilinx-toolsLayer for XSCT tooling related to meta-xilinx3 weeks
meta-zephyrLayer to support building of Zephyr images5 days
-Yocto Tools
auto-upgrade-helperAutomatic Recipe Upgrade Helper4 weeks
buildhistory-webBuildhistory warnings web interface20 months
cropsCROPS cross-platform development framework for Linux/Windows and Mac OS X hosts20 months
error-report-webReceive and visualize image build errors14 months
layerindex-webMetadata layer index web application4 months
mraaLinux Library for low speed IO communication. Supports generic io platforms, as ...9 days
opkgOpkg lightweight package management system7 weeks
opkg-utilsHelper scripts for use with the opkg package manager8 months
patchtestTest framework for community patches20 months
patchtest-oeTest suite for OE-Core patches20 months
patchworkOpenEmbedded / Yocto Project fork of's fork of's Patc...20 months
prelink-crossCross capable Prelink18 months
pseudoAllows emulation of root user operations4 months
psplashVery simple boot splash screen20 months
ptest-runner2A program to run Yocto/OE ptests11 months
release-toolsRelease engineering tools and scripts2 months
rmcRuntime Machine Configuration Utility20 months
swatbotDjango app to assist with SWAT team4 months
update-rc.dTool to update the links in /etc/rc[0-9S].d/13 months
yocto-autobuilder-helperDecoupled release build scripts4 days
yocto-autobuilder2Yocto Autobuilder Buildbot Interface code (second generation)10 days
libfakekeyLibrary for simulating key press events under X1120 months
libmatchboxMatchbox common functionality library20 months
libmatchboxwm2Matchbox Window Manager Library 220 months
matchbox-commonMatchbox shared files20 months
matchbox-config-gtkMatchbox GUI config tool20 months
matchbox-desktopMatchbox Desktop v120 months
matchbox-desktop-2Matchbox Desktop v220 months
matchbox-documentationMatchbox Documentation20 months
matchbox-historyOriginal Matchbox repository historical record20 months
matchbox-keyboardMatchbox Keyboard20 months
matchbox-panelMatchbox Panel v120 months
matchbox-panel-2Matchbox Panel v220 months
matchbox-panel-managerMatchbox Panel Manager Application20 months
matchbox-strokeMatchbox touchscreen input method20 months
matchbox-terminalMatchbox Terminal20 months
matchbox-testsMatchbox Tests20 months
matchbox-themes-extraMatchbox themes20 months
matchbox-window-managerMatchbox Window Manager v120 months
matchbox-window-manager-2Matchbox Window Manager v220 months
mb-applet-input-managerMatchbox Panel Input Manager Applet20 months
mb-applet-lightMatchbox Panel Screen Brightness Applet20 months
mb-applet-startup-monitorMatchbox Panel Startup Monitor Applet20 months
mb-applet-volumeMatchbox Panel Volume Control Applet20 months
mb-desktop-xineMedia player for Matchbox20 months
xcursor-transparent-themeXCursor Transparent Theme20 months
xlib-asyncUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.20 months
xsettings-daemonSmall gconf -> xsettings bridge20 months
dbus-waitA simple tool to wait for a specific signal over DBus20 months
git-submodule-testTest repository for the BitBake gitsm fetcher10 months
meta-layerindex-testSynthetic layer for testing layerindex-web20 months
meta-trainingLayer to store example code from YP/OE training courses20 months
qa-toolsScripts used to automate the Yocto Project professional QA team's work20 months
srtoolSecurity Response Tool - Web based application for monitoring and managing CVE i...20 months
stormBlimp demo control application20 months
syncOpenSync frontend (unfinished)20 months
test-xvideoSmall XVideo extension testing utility20 months
web-patchesUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.20 months
web-webkitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.20 months
yocto-firewall-testA dummy repo for use by the git fetcher sanity check20 months
yocto-metricsYocto Project autobuilder gathered metrics CVEs etc.12 hours
zaurusdZaurus device handling daemon and scripts20 months
gakuA simple music player, using GTK+ and GStreamer20 months
gtk-sato-engineGTK+ Sato Theme Engine20 months
libowlOpenedHand/Sato Widget Library20 months
libowl-avOpenedHand/Sato Audio/Video Widget Library20 months
matchbox-desktop-satoMatchbox Desktop 2 Sato Configuration20 months
matchbox-satoMatchbox Window Manager Sato Theme20 months
oh-puzzlesPuzzles with Sato branding/themeing optimised for handhelds20 months
owl-videoUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.20 months
sato-icon-themeIcon theme for Sato desktop6 weeks
screenshotAn ultra-simple screen capture utility using GTK+20 months
web-satoUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.20 months
Yocto Linux Kernel
kernel-module-hello-worldExample code used in QA testing.20 months
linux-yoctoYocto Linux Embedded kernel3 days
linux-yocto-contribLinux Embedded Kernel Extras5 months
linux-yocto-devLinux Embedded Kernel - tracks the next mainline release3 weeks
yocto-kernel-cachePatches and configuration for the linux-yocto kernel tree3 days
yocto-kernel-toolsLinux 2.6 Embedded Kernel Tools5 months
Yocto Linux Kernel Archive
linux-yocto-4.1Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.20 months
linux-yocto-4.10Linux 4.10 Embedded Kernel20 months
linux-yocto-4.12Linux 4.12 Embedded Kernel20 months
linux-yocto-4.4Linux 4.4 Embedded Kernel20 months
linux-yocto-4.6Linux 4.6 Embedded Kernel20 months
linux-yocto-4.8Linux 4.8 Embedded Kernel20 months
linux-yocto-4.9Linux 4.9 Embedded Kernel20 months
Yocto Metadata Layer Archive
experimental/meta-m2Experimental Moblin metadata layer (obsolete)20 months
experimental/meta-maemoExperimental maemo support layer (obsolete)20 months
experimental/meta-trustedTrusted support and tools20 months
intel-iot-refkitIot Reference OS Kit for Intel4 days
meta-alexa-demoLayer containing recipes to add an Alexa client to an image20 months
meta-baryonExample NAS layer20 months
meta-darwinLayer for darwin based SDKs20 months
meta-darwin-contribDarwin based SDKs extras20 months
meta-dlnaExample headless mediaserver generated using combo-layer tool and meta-guacamayo20 months
meta-ecaLayer containing Embedded Connectivity Appliance (ECA) support metadata20 months
meta-extrasLayer containing unsupported or deprecated metadata20 months
meta-fsl-armLayer containing Freescale ARM hardware support metadata20 months
meta-fsl-ppcLayer containing Freescale PPC hardware support metadata20 months
meta-intel-clear-containersLayer enabling Intel Clear Containers20 months
meta-intel-edisonLayer for the Intel Edison Development Platform20 months
meta-intel-galileoIntel Galileo platform support20 months
meta-intel-iot-middlewareShared middleware recipes for Intel IoT platforms20 months
meta-intel-quarkIntel Quark platform support20 months
meta-luvluvOS metadata layer20 months
meta-mesonSoftware layer for the meta-meson autonomous blimp demo.20 months
meta-meson-bspBSP layer for meta-meson. This is based off of meta-sakoman.20 months
meta-minnowMinnowBoard BSP layer20 months
meta-oracle-javaLayer hosting Oracle Java binary recipes20 months
meta-swupdMeta layer for swupd software-update20 months
meta-tlkLayer enabling time limited kernels20 months
meta-translatorLayer to convert from recipes to buildable RPM spec files20 months
meta-web-kioskLayer enabling browser based kiosk devices with virtual keyboard support.20 months
meta-xilinx-communityLayer adding community support for the Xilinx hardware20 months
meta-yocto-bsp-oldFormer reference hardware BSPs previously provided in meta-yocto-bsp20 months
meta-yocto-kernel-extrasSupplementary metadata layers to extend the Poky core20 months
Yocto Tools Archive
anjuta-pokyAnjuta IDE plugin20 months
fstestsUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.20 months
machinesetuptoolA tool to configure a BSP image automatically at the boot time20 months
oprofileuiA GTK+ based UI for OProfile20 months
pkg-reportUsed to generate the data at packages.yoctoproject.org20 months
qemuglGL passthrough for qemu on x8620 months
swabberBuild system contamination detection tool20 months
yocto-autobuilderAutobuilder build cluster20 months
yocto-webhob-designDesign for WebHob Bitbake UI20 months