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masterfossology-rest.bbclass: Enable network. Otherwise, curl command will fail.Lei Maohui10 days
nanbieldexamples: Added examples that created by meta-spdxscanner.Lei Maohui8 weeks
kirkstoneImproved gcc-source support:Lei Maohui19 months
langdaleImproved gcc-source support:Lei Maohui19 months
honisterMerge branch 'master' into honisterLei Maohui2 years
hardknottFix issue of Document Information.Lei Maohui3 years
gatesgarthREADME.md: Updated.Lei Maohui3 years
dunfellAdded some error capture from fossology-python.Lei Maohui3 years
devel/jsmoeller/phasedAdd WIP phased variant of fossology uploaderJan-Simon Moeller4 years
zeusUpdate README.Lei Maohui4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 daysfossology-rest.bbclass: Enable network. Otherwise, curl command will fail.HEADmasterLei Maohui
2024-01-04examples: Added examples that created by meta-spdxscanner.nanbieldLei Maohui
2024-01-04Updated README.Lei Maohui
2024-01-04Update bom and scancode-tk modules.Lei Maohui
2023-12-06bom.bbclass: Added a new scanner.Lei Maohui
2023-11-24Updated for spdx2.3:Lei Maohui
2023-11-24LAYERSERIES_COMPAT: Updated following oe-core.Lei Maohui
2023-07-14fossology-rest: Updated to work with fossology 4.2.Lei Maohui
2023-06-30Fix the name refer to depploy_archives.Lei Maohui
2023-05-11To be consistent with srpm and rpm, translate the "-" in the version toLei Maohui