BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
yocto-5.4kver: bumping to v5.4.192Bruce Ashfield7 days
yocto-5.10kver: bumping to v5.10.114Bruce Ashfield7 days
yocto-5.15kver: bumping to v5.15.38Bruce Ashfield7 days
masterglobal: Clean up is not set with =nHe Zhe7 days
yocto-5.14features/security: Move x86_64 configs to separate fileKamil Dziezyk6 weeks
yocto-4.14kver: bumping to v4.14.262Bruce Ashfield4 months
yocto-4.19kver: bumping to v4.19.225Bruce Ashfield4 months
yocto-5.13README: Update mail addressJon Mason8 months
yocto-5.8cfg: declare CONFIG_DRM_KMS_HELPER non-hardwareBruce Ashfield17 months
yocto-5.2kver: bumping to v5.2.60Bruce Ashfield20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysglobal: Clean up is not set with =nHEADmasterHe Zhe
2022-04-30qemuarma15: include pci-of-generic supportBruce Ashfield
2022-04-30cfg: introduce pci generic openfirmware fragmentBruce Ashfield
2022-04-21features/tsn: add feature for Time-Sensitive NetworkingYongxin Liu
2022-04-21powerpc: add debug feature fragmentBruce Ashfield
2022-04-20cfg/debug: Remove unused test configDylan Garrett
2022-04-12meta: update hardware and non-hardware buckets for 4.18Bruce Ashfield
2022-04-12features: clean warn once: update to 5.18+Bruce Ashfield
2022-04-12x86: update defconfig clean up to 5.18+Bruce Ashfield
2022-04-12powerpc: SPE: port to merge 5.18 vdso structureBruce Ashfield