BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermodels: Add a new error type for check-layerThomas Perrot3 years
master-nextPost/parser: Use bleach to sanitse XSS inputRichard Purdie3 years
abrindle/purge_scriptpurge.py: Create script that will purge databaseAmanda Brindle6 years
alimon/devel2Post/models.py: Fix ERROR_TYPE validation in Build.save()Aníbal Limón8 years
alimon/develviews/templates: Add support for display different type of errorsAníbal Limón8 years
michaelw/masterPost: Add some basic unit tests for testing submissionsMichael Wood9 years
v0.1parser: Check for tag markup in the metadata fieldsMichael Wood9 years
0.3error-report-web-0.3.tar.gz  Michael Wood9 years
0.2error-report-web-0.2.tar.gz  Michael Wood9 years
0.1error-report-web-0.1.tar.gz  Michael Wood9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-06-25models: Add a new error type for check-layerHEADmasterThomas Perrot
2021-04-13error-details: pull Bugzilla URL from project settingsKyle Russell
2021-04-13Import parser from the new python3 locationMichael Halstead
2021-04-13Search on contains, enalble admin, and keep more error history.Michael Halstead
2021-04-13Allow alternate settings, avoid out of memory conditionMichael Halstead
2021-04-13Avoid errors caused by attempting to update referrers for objects that don't ...Michael Halstead
2021-04-13purge.py: Create script that will purge databaseAmanda Brindle
2021-03-22Post/parser: Use bleach to sanitse XSS inputmaster-nextRichard Purdie
2021-02-23Update to be compatible with python3.5Yi Fan Yu
2021-02-23parser: make contains_tag ignore non-str fieldsYi Fan Yu