BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterReport charset for text & CSV viewsPaul Eggleton6 weeks
paule/newfixes1Report charset for text & CSV viewsPaul Eggleton6 weeks
paule/python3-layerindexRRS: drop support for parsing older python2-based metadataPaul Eggleton20 months
paule/fixes15tasks: squash out CRs in task logs to avoid huge transfersPaul Eggleton24 months
paule/fixes14recipes: add help button to explain search termsPaul Eggleton2 years
paule/recipesymbolTODO: add some more tasksPaul Eggleton2 years
paule/requirements1requirements.txt: bump a couple more versionsPaul Eggleton2 years
paule/branch_comparisonFix cgit commit URL settingPaul Eggleton2 years
paule/dissector-backports3Add a space between text and glyphiconsPaul Eggleton2 years
paule/dissector-backports2update_classic_status: ensure fields are correctly orderedPaul Eggleton2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-10-20Report charset for text & CSV viewsHEADpaule/newfixes1masterPaul Eggleton
2021-10-20about: add Amber & Tim to contributors listPaul Eggleton
2021-10-20rrs: make changes to support Django 2.2Paul Eggleton
2021-10-20utils: ensure we show error messages on server startupPaul Eggleton
2021-10-20update: fix setup of BBLAYERSPaul Eggleton
2021-10-20README.devel: update versionsPaul Eggleton
2021-10-20requirements.txt: set proper version restriction for DjangoPaul Eggleton
2021-04-21Add SPDX license headers to layerindex-web source filesMeh Mbeh Ida Delphine
2020-06-30docker/settings.py: MIDDLEWARETim Orling
2020-06-30Dockerfile: debian 10 "buster" and drop python2Tim Orling