BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master-nextenable spdx by defaultRichard Purdie3 hours fix error message about qmpChen Qi7 hours
kirkstonekernel-devicetree: recursively search for dtbsRandolph Sapp4 days
mickledoreyocto-bsps: update to v5.15.106Bruce Ashfield6 days
dunfellselftest: skip virgl test on ubuntu 22.10, fedora 37, and all rockySteve Sakoman12 days
langdalebuild-appliance-image: Update to langdale head revisionSteve Sakoman6 weeks
mickledore-nextlinux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.108Bruce Ashfield7 weeks
honisteryocto-bsps: update to v5.10.113Bruce Ashfield12 months Move version information to poky.yaml and read in conf.pyRichard Purdie14 months Move version information to poky.yaml and read in conf.pyRichard Purdie14 months
yocto-4.2.1poky-yocto-4.2.1.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee8 days
mickledore-4.2.1poky-mickledore-4.2.1.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee8 days
yocto-4.0.10poky-yocto-4.0.10.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee14 days
kirkstone-4.0.10poky-kirkstone-4.0.10.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee14 days
yocto-4.1.4poky-yocto-4.1.4.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee4 weeks
langdale-4.1.4poky-langdale-4.1.4.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee4 weeks
yocto-3.1.25poky-yocto-3.1.25.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee4 weeks
dunfell-23.0.25poky-dunfell-23.0.25.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee4 weeks
mickledore-4.2poky-mickledore-4.2.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee5 weeks
yocto-4.2poky-yocto-4.2.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-07-21ui/crumbs/tasklistmodel: fix saving recipes1.1_M2.rc31.1_M2.final1.1_M2Joshua Lock
2011-07-14bb-matrix: correct BB and PM number canonicalizationDarren Hart
2011-07-14perl: Use SITEINFO variables not functionsTom Rini
2011-07-14scripts: Rename "adt-install" to "adt-installer" in user help.Robert P. J. Day
2011-07-14eglibc: fix packaging of thread_dbPhil Blundell
2011-07-14busybox: respect ${LDFLAGS}Phil Blundell
2011-07-14cooker: only return *Found events if something was actually foundJoshua Lock
2011-07-14kernel.bbclass: remove unintended change of INITRAMFS_TASKAndrea Adami
2011-07-14insane: make GNU_HASH check slightly more robust (avoids false negatives with...Phil Blundell
2011-07-14openssl: pass ${mandir} explicitly to "make install"Phil Blundell