AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysbuild-appliance-image: Update to master head revisionHEADmasterlangdaleRichard Purdie
2 daysgo: Fix reproducibility failuresRichard Purdie
3 daysbuild-appliance-image: Update to master head revisionRichard Purdie
3 daysbitbake: bitbake: Bump to version 2.2.0Richard Purdie
3 dayspoky: Update to match poky version numbersRichard Purdie
3 dayspoky: Update to 4.1 versionRichard Purdie
3 dayslayer.conf: Update to use langdale as the core layer nameRichard Purdie
3 daysbitbake: utils: Add enable_loopback_networking()Mattias Jernberg
3 daysbitbake: doc: bitbake-user-manual: Add definition for BB_PRESSURE_MAX variablesAryaman Gupta
3 daysbitbake: fetch2/ fix checkstatusPascal Bach
3 daysbinutils: another way to clear GPROFNG_ALTS for clang and muslKai Kang
3 daystzdata: update to 2022dAlexander Kanavin
3 daysrpm: update 4.18.0-rc1 -> 4.18.0-releaseAlexander Kanavin
3 daysgcc: set the default target archDaniel McGregor
3 dayscoreutils: add openssl PACKAGECONFIGDaniel McGregor
3 daysglibc-locale: explicitly remove empty dirs in ${libdir}Denys Dmytriyenko
3 daysexternalsrc: git submodule--helper list unsupportedJohn Edward Broadbent
3 daysdropbear: Add enable-x11-forwarding PACKAGECONFIG optionDaniel Gomez
3 daysuseradd-example: do not use unsupported clear text passwordChen Qi
3 daysscripts/oe-setup-builddir: do not read TEMPLATECONF from templateconf.cfgAlexander Kanavin
3 daysgtk-icon-cache: Fix GTKIC_CMD if-else conditionDaniel Gomez
3 dayslinux-yocto/5.19: fix gcc-11 warningBruce Ashfield
4 daysqemu: Add patch to address arm qemu upgrade issuesRichard Purdie
4 dayslocal.conf.sample: correct the location of public hashservAlexander Kanavin
4 daysRevert "wic/plugins/images/direct: Allow changes in fstab on rootfs"Ross Burton
4 daysvirglrenderer: use https for fetching from gitlabAlexander Kanavin
4 daysmeta: fix version checks in all github recipes using the github-releases classAlexander Kanavin
4 daysgithub-releases: add a class that consolidates version checksAlexander Kanavin
4 daysvim: Upgrade 9.0.0541 -> 9.0.0598Richard Purdie
4 daysrootfs-postcommands: Remove dropbear inconsistent commentDaniel Gomez
4 dayssystemd-systemctl: Fix WantedBy processingBob Henz
4 dayslttng-tools: Disable on riscv32He Zhe
4 daysiproute2: merge .inc into .bbChanghyeok Bae
4 daysiproute2: Unset CLEANBROKENChanghyeok Bae
5 dayscreate-pull-request: don't switch the git remote protocol to git://Martin Jansa
6 daysoeqa/runtime/dnf: use dnf-test packagesRoss Burton
6 daysdnf: add dummy packages for testingRoss Burton
6 dayslttng-tools: Disable on qemuriscv32He Zhe
6 daysbind: upgrade 9.18.6 -> 9.18.7Teoh Jay Shen
8 daysref-manual: structure.rst: add more subsection levelsMichael Opdenacker
8 daysref-manual: variables.rst: correct templateconf.cfg file nameMichael Opdenacker
8 daysref-manual: structure.rst: improve information about build/cache/Michael Opdenacker
8 daysref-manual: structure.rst: add reference to the contents of the build directoryMichael Opdenacker
8 daysref-manual: variables.rst: remove BBPATHMichael Opdenacker
8 daysref-manual: features.rst: add missing default distro featuresMichael Opdenacker
8 daysdev-manual: common-tasks.rst: refer to Python functions in BitBake manualMichael Opdenacker
8 daysdev-manual: common-tasks.rst: rewrite the section about configuration templatesAlexander Kanavin
8 daysref-manual: variables: document KERNEL_IMAGETYPESJohan Korsnes
8 daysdev-manual: common-tasks.rst: describe the newly added layer setup and templa...Alexander Kanavin
8 dayscommon-tasks.rst: describe the layer setup toolingAlexander Kanavin