AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
20 hoursyocto-check-layer: Add additional README checksmaster-nextDhruva Gole
20 hoursptest-packagelists: Add missing python3-webcolors entryQuentin Schulz
20 Initialize git repo before patchingPavel Zhukov
20 hoursglibc: Drop patch to support/workaround prelinked apps on armv5Khem Raj
20 hoursboost: Fix build on arches with no atomicsKhem Raj
20 hourspackagegroup-core-tools-testapps: clear GOTOOLS for riscv32Kai Kang
20 hoursrecipetool: extend curl detection when creating recipesRoss Burton
20 hoursrecipetool: handle GitLab URLs like we do GitHubRoss Burton
20 hoursopenssl: fix EVP_PKEY_CTX_get_rsa_pss_saltlen() not returning a valueRoss Burton
20 hoursoverlayfs: update notes on /etcVyacheslav Yurkov
20 hoursoeqa/selftest: unit tests for overlayfs-etcVyacheslav Yurkov
20 hoursoeqa/selftest: overlayfs helper functionVyacheslav Yurkov
20 hoursimage: add overlayfs-etc image featureVyacheslav Yurkov
20 hourswic: image for overlayfs-etc testsVyacheslav Yurkov
20 hoursoverlayfs-etc: mount etc as overlayfsVyacheslav Yurkov
20 hoursmeson: drop redundant patchRoss Burton
20 hoursuboot-sign: fix the concatenation when multiple U-BOOT configurations are spe...Thomas Perrot
20 hourskernel: improve transformation from KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKEMike Crowe
20 hoursbitbake: siggen: Ensure dumpsig output is deterministicRichard Purdie
20 hoursbitbake: Revert "ast: Fix YOCTO #8621?"Richard Purdie
20 hoursbitbake: ast: Fix YOCTO #8621?Richard Purdie
39 update URLsHEADmasterQuentin Schulz
45 hoursvim: set PACKAGECONFIG idiomaticallyRoss Burton
45 hoursvim: fix CVE-2021-3968 and CVE-2021-3973Ross Burton
45 hourslibtool: change the default AR_FLAGS from "cru" to "cr"Li Wang
45 hoursRevert "weston-init: Pass --continue-without-input when launching weston"Khem Raj
45 hoursscripts/checklayer/ Fixed a minor grammatical errorDhruva Gole
45 hourspython3-libarchive-c: upgrade 3.1 -> 3.2wangmy
45 hourspython3-docutils: upgrade 0.18 -> 0.18.1wangmy
45 hoursovmf: upgrade 202108 -> 202111wangmy
45 hourssysklogd: upgrade 2.2.3 -> 2.3.0wangmy
45 hourssqlite3: upgrade 3.36.0 -> 3.37.0wangmy
45 hourspatchelf: upgrade 0.13 -> 0.14.1wangmy
45 hoursmtools: upgrade 4.0.35 -> 4.0.36wangmy
45 hourslibexif: upgrade 0.6.23 -> 0.6.24wangmy
45 hourslibunwind: upgrade 1.5.0 -> 1.6.0wangmy
45 hourslibsoup-2.4: upgrade 2.74.1 -> 2.74.2wangmy
45 hourslibdrm: upgrade 2.4.108 -> 2.4.109wangmy
45 hoursinsane.bbclass: add a check that Upstream-Status patch tag is present and cor...Alexander Kanavin
4 daysovmf: remove patch merged upstreamAlexander Kanavin
4 daysgo: update 1.16.10 -> 1.17.3Alexander Kanavin
4 dayspython3-rfc3339/3986-validator: correct upstream version checkAlexander Kanavin
4 daysgo-helloworld: test at runtimeAlexander Kanavin
4 daysgo-helloworld: update to latest revisionAlexander Kanavin
4 daystestimage.bbclass: request the use of kvm by defaultAlexander Kanavin
4 daysperl: submitted patch upstreamAlexander Kanavin
4 daysperl-cross: submit patches upstreamAlexander Kanavin
4 daysmeson: submit patch upstreamAlexander Kanavin
4 dayslibdnf: submit patches upstreamAlexander Kanavin
4 dayslibcomps: remove unneeded patchAlexander Kanavin