AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
46 hoursbase-files: Drop localhost.localdomain from hosts filedunfellRichard Purdie
46 hourspopulate_sdk_ext: Handle spaces within user $PATHKenfe-Mickael Laventure
46 hourstoolchain-scripts: Handle spaces within user $PATHKenfe-Mickael Laventure
46 hoursbuildtools-tarball: Handle spaces within user $PATHKenfe-Mickael Laventure
46 hoursglibc: Add missing binutils dependencyRichard Purdie
46 hoursstaging/multilib: Fix manifest corruptionRichard Purdie
46 hoursstaging: Separate out different multiconfig manifestsRichard Purdie
46 hourssystemd: Fix systemd when used with busybox lessAlban Bedel
46 hoursvim: set modified-by to the recipe MAINTAINERRoss Burton
46 hoursvim: upgrade to 9.0.1403Ross Burton
46 hourslibksba: fix CVE-2022-3515Chee Yang Lee
46 hoursghostscript: add CVE tag for check-stack-limits-after-function-evalution.patchChee Yang Lee
46 hoursQEMU: CVE-2022-4144 QXL: qxl_phys2virt unsafe address translation can lead to...Hitendra Prajapati
46 hourslibarchive: fix CVE-2022-26280Andrej Valek
12 daysbuild-appliance-image: Update to dunfell head revisionyocto-3.1.24dunfell-23.0.24Richard Purdie
12 dayslinux: inherit pkgconfig in kernel.bbclassMing Liu
12 daysvim: add missing pkgconfig inheritRoss Burton
12 daysoeqa/selftest/prservice: Improve debug output for failureRichard Purdie
12 daysshadow: ignore CVE-2016-15024Ross Burton
12 daysharfbuzz: Security fix for CVE-2023-25193Siddharth Doshi
12 daysgnutls: fix CVE-2023-0361 timing side-channel in the TLS RSA key exchange codeVivek Kumbhar
13 daysdevshell: Do not add scripts/git-intercept to PATHPeter Kjellerstedt
13 daysimage.bbclass: print all QA functions exceptionsMauro Queiros
13 dayskernel-yocto: fix kernel-meta data detectionUlrich Ölmann
13 daysgcc: Fix inconsistent noexcept specifier for valarray in libstdc++Virendra Thakur
13 daysopenssl: upgrade 1.1.1s to 1.1.1tHugo SIMELIERE
13 daysapr-util: update 1.6.1 -> 1.6.3Alexander Kanavin
13 daysapr-util: Fix CFLAGS used in buildRichard Purdie
13 daysapr: update 1.7.0 -> 1.7.2Alexander Kanavin
13 daysapr: Cache configure tests which use AC_TRY_RUNKhem Raj
13 daysapr: Use correct strerror_r implementation based on libc typeKhem Raj
13 daysapr: Fix to work with autoconf 2.70Richard Purdie
13 dayswireless-regdb: upgrade 2022.08.12 -> 2023.02.13Alexander Kanavin
13 dayslinux-firmware: upgrade 20230117 -> 20230210Alexander Kanavin
13 dayslinux-firmware: add yamato fw files to qcom-adreno-a2xx packageDmitry Baryshkov
13 dayslinux-firmware: properly set license for all Qualcomm firmwareDmitry Baryshkov
13 dayslinux-firmware: upgrade 20221214 -> 20230117Alexander Kanavin
13 daysvim: update 9.0.1211 -> 9.0.1293 to resolve open CVEsAlexander Kanavin
13 daystar: CVE-2022-48303Rodolfo Quesada Zumbado
13 daysglibc: Security fix for CVE-2023-0687Shubham Kulkarni
13 daysbluez5: Exclude CVE-2022-39177 from cve-checkHugo SIMELIERE
13 daysgit: Security fix for CVE-2022-41903Vijay Anusuri
13 daystiff: fix multiple CVEsChee Yang Lee
13 dayscurl: fix CVE-2022-43552 Use-after-free triggered by an HTTP proxy deny responseHitendra Prajapati
13 dayspoky.conf: bump version for 3.1.24Steve Sakoman
14 daysdocumentation: update for 3.1.24Steve Sakoman
2023-02-24busybox: rm temporary files if do_compile was interruptedAntonin Godard
2023-02-24busybox: always start do_compile with orig config filesAntonin Godard
2023-02-24oeqa fix --target-ip comment to include ssh port numberMikko Rapeli
2023-02-24libc-locale: Fix on target locale generationRichard Purdie