BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master.gitmodules: Correct the reference to gen-machine-confMark Hatle7 weeks
nanbield.gitmodules: Correct the reference to gen-machine-confMark Hatle7 weeks
mickledore.gitmodules: Correct the reference to gen-machine-confMark Hatle7 weeks
langdale.gitmodules: Correct the reference to gen-machine-confMark Hatle7 weeks
kirkstone-nextxilinx-standalone.inc: Move to xlnx specific versions of libmetal and open-ampMark Hatle14 months
honisterxlnx-embeddedsw: Move PV to appendMark Hatle14 months
gatesgarthbinutils/gdb: Disable hunk from microblaze patchMark Hatle3 years
master-oldu-boot-xlnx.inc: Explicitly set builddir pathSai Hari Chandana Kalluri4 years
zeuslibmali-xlnx: Provide single shlib provider for libMali.so.9Sai Hari Chandana Kalluri4 years
thudxf86-video-armsoc: Remove the recipe for xf86-video-armsocMadhurkiran Harikrishnan4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-10-26.gitmodules: Correct the reference to gen-machine-confHEADnanbieldmasterMark Hatle
2023-10-26versal-generic.conf: Remove obsolete DTBsMark Hatle
2023-10-26various machines: Change qemu serial port configuration for nanbieldMark Hatle
2023-10-25meta-xilinx-core: zynq-generic: Remove gdb port usageMark Hatle
2023-10-25core-image-ptest-fast: Restrict microblaze from building qemu and bcryptMark Hatle
2023-10-25qemu-xilinx: Fix 2023.2 integrationMark Hatle
2023-10-25zynqmp-generic: Ensure qemu-devicetrees is install for qemu usageMark Hatle
2023-10-25versal-generic: Fix testimageMark Hatle
2023-10-23BSPs vek280, zcu1275 and zcu1285 are no longer availableMark Hatle
2023-10-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/rel-v2023.2' into nanbieldMark Hatle