AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-03extract-cdo: Avoid directly populating ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}HEADmasterhonisterCorey Thompson
2022-05-02xrt_git:zocl_git:update commitidrbramand
2022-05-02linux-firmware-ti-bt: dbg package requires dev package which requires baseMark Hatle
2022-05-02*WORKAROUND* weston-init: Launch weston as root userChristian Kohn
2022-05-02qemu: Update to 2022.1 release versionMark Hatle
2022-05-02iproute2: Provide 5.15.0 version, taken from Yocto Project masterMark Hatle
2022-05-02boot.cmd.generic:add support for usb bootSwagath Gadde
2022-05-02libdfx: update libdfx bb file to enable shared library supportNava kishore Manne
2022-05-02dfx-mgr: fix systemd service fileSergei Korneichuk
2022-05-02dfx-mgr: new SRCREV, remove xrtSergei Korneichuk
2022-05-02dfx-mgr: new SRCREV, remove libdfxgraphSergei Korneichuk
2022-05-02Fix ATF provencore enable not workingJohn Toomey
2022-05-02Enable ProvenCore in ATF with MACHINE_FEATURESJohn Toomey
2022-05-02Revert "**TEMPORARY** atf: set ATF_MEM_BASE, ATF_MEM_SIZE to bypass size issu...Venkatesh Yadav Abbarapu
2022-05-02fpgamanager_custom: Split SRC_URI with spaceRaju Kumar Pothuraju
2022-05-02recipes-kernel: linux: add auto load support for usb2244 driverPiyush Mehta
2022-05-02pmu-firmware_%.bbappend: Move k26 configuration to meta-somVikram Sreenivasa Batchali
2022-05-02device-tree: Remove ultra96 mipi device tree filesChristian Kohn
2022-05-02Move from 2021.2 to 2022.1Mark Hatle
2022-03-28xserver-nodm-init: limit the number of restart for serviceRohit Visavalia
2022-03-28zynqmp: xorg: Update xorg configuration file to use busidRohit Visavalia
2022-03-28u-boot-xlnx: oe-core now provides an xxd-native if requiredMark Hatle
2022-03-28ltp: Disable ltp gdb dependency only on MicroblazeMark Hatle
2022-03-28gdb: Disable on-target GDB for microblazeMark Hatle
2022-03-28device-tree: Allow the CONFIG_DTFILE to be a dts and cleanupMark Hatle
2022-03-28Revert "device-tree: Allow the CONFIG_DTFILE to be a dts"Mark Hatle
2022-03-28dt-processor: Avoid warning messages for baremetalMark Hatle
2022-03-28fsbl-firmware: Move to explicit psu_init settingsMark Hatle
2022-03-28dt-processor.sh: Remove SYSTEM_DTFILE Linux specific settingMark Hatle
2022-03-28device-tree: Allow the CONFIG_DTFILE to be a dtsMark Hatle
2022-03-28xilffs: Allow per recipe configurationMark Hatle
2022-03-28dt-processor.sh: Add -l argument to write local.conf to a fileMark Hatle
2022-03-28meta-xilinx-standalone-experimental: Change from lopper.py to lopperMark Hatle
2022-03-28lopper.bbappend: Backport latest lopper from meta-virtualization (master)Mark Hatle
2022-03-28kernel-module-vcu: Add vcu rules to video groupSandeep Gundlupet Raju
2022-03-28weston-init: Pass --continue-without-input when launching westonChristian Kohn
2022-03-28weston-init: Copy init and service file from openembedded-coreChristian Kohn
2022-03-28weston-init: Use 644 permission for ini fileChristian Kohn
2022-03-28embeddedsw: Update fsbl image nameSandeep Gundlupet Raju
2022-03-28lopper: Update SRCREV to upstream masterSandeep Gundlupet Raju
2022-03-28meta-microblaze: Move to glibc backportMark Hatle
2022-02-12meta-microblaze: Set OLDEST_KERNEL version is 3.15Mark Hatle
2022-02-12meta-microblaze: Fix glibc issues related to select/pselectMark Hatle
2022-02-12gcc standalone: Add workaround for microblaze -Os bugMark Hatle
2022-02-04meta-xilinx-pynq: xilinx-pynq: Fix incorrect overrideMark Hatle
2022-02-04pmufw: Fix dependency variable typoMark Hatle
2022-02-04virglrenderer: Fix override syntaxMark Hatle
2022-02-04embeddedsw: Update to skip checks in eSDK build/installMark Hatle
2022-02-04Set dfx-mgr COMPATIBLE_MACHINES to zynqmp/versalJohn Toomey
2022-02-04xilinx-bootbin: Sync versal and ensure items can be defined in local.confMark Hatle