AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
34 hoursqemu: Move to latest in-progress development versionHEADmasterhonisterMark Hatle
34 hoursqemu-xilinx*: Upgrade Qemu 5.1.0 -> 6.1.0Sai Pavan Boddu
34 hoursRevert "dfx-mgr: **** TEMPORARILY **** disable zocl, due to linux 5.15"Mark Hatle
34 hoursdfx-mgr: Fix override syntaxChristian Kohn
34 hoursbootbin: Adjust BIF_PARTITION_ATTRMark Hatle
3 daysmeta-xilinx-standalone: Remove obsolete machinesMark Hatle
3 daysmeta-xilinx-standalone-experimental: Require meta-virtualization for lopper s...Mark Hatle
3 daysxilinx-microblaze.bbclass: Fail if meta-microblaze is not includedMark Hatle
3 daysmeta-xilinx-core: README.md update to explain recent changesMark Hatle
3 dayslinux-xlnx: Only include microblaze when enabledMark Hatle
3 daysbase-pdi: Move COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to .*Mark Hatle
3 dayszynqmp-generic: Enable pmu-rom-native as a qemu-native dependencyMark Hatle
3 daysmachine-xilinx-default.inc: Fix bootbin and UBOOT SUFFIX typeMark Hatle
3 daysembeddedsw: Rework the embeddedsw copy firmware recipesMark Hatle
4 daysdevice-tree: Merge experimental and standard flowsMark Hatle
4 dayscore: Move lopper and python modules to dynamic-layersMark Hatle
4 daysREADME.qemu.md: Update to reflect the new pmu-rom-native recipeMark Hatle
11 dayspmu-rom-native: Remove PACKAGE_ARCH and skip do_configureMark Hatle
11 daysdevice-tree.bbappend: defining the memory and serial console paramVaralaxmi Bingi
11 daysdfx-mgr: Enable systemd hooksSai Hari Chandana Kalluri
11 daysResolved DRI compilation for xserver and xwaylandNeel Gandhi
11 dayspmu-rom-native: Automatically download from public site for QEMU usageMark Hatle
11 daysmeta-xilinx-standalone-experimental: Uses of lopper must inherit python3nativeMark Hatle
11 daysdfx-mgr/libdfx: Move from meta-xilinx-toolsMark Hatle
11 daysmeta-xilinx-bsp: Align SOC_VARIANT with PetaLinuxMark Hatle
11 daysmeta-xilinx-bsps: Add board-style overrides to select correct componentsMark Hatle
11 dayszynq-generic: Remove hardcoded -initrd and use runqemu insteadMark Hatle
11 daysmeta-xilinx-bsp: Remove extra entries, already set by the included defaultsMark Hatle
11 daysmeta-xilinx-bsp: Covert ultra96-zynqmp and vck-sc-zynqmp from BOARD basedMark Hatle
11 daysmeta-xilinx-bsp: Convert all BSPs to use the generic configsMark Hatle
11 dayssystem-zcu102: Remove obsolete heterogenous machineMark Hatle
11 daysMove away from PACKAGE_ARCH = "BOARD_ARCH" or "BOARDVARIANT_ARCH"Mark Hatle
11 daysAdjust generic BSPs to support the inheritance modelMark Hatle
11 daysDeprecate BOARD and BOARD_VARIANT supportMark Hatle
11 daysMove board specific items from meta-xilinx-toolsMark Hatle
11 dayslinux-*: Move BSP settings to meta-xilinx-bspMark Hatle
11 daysplatform-init: Split into board specific entriesMark Hatle
11 daysarm-trusted-firmware: Split board specific entriesMark Hatle
11 daysxilinx-mcs: Remove obsolete board specific configMark Hatle
11 daysdevice-tree: Break into base bb and board specific bbappendMark Hatle
11 dayskc705-bitstream: Move to bsp layer, bsp specificMark Hatle
11 daysInitial restructure/split of meta-xilinx-bspMark Hatle
12 dayszynq-generic: Replace hard coded petalinux reference with general ROOTFSMark Hatle
12 daysultra96-zynqmp: Default to zynqmp eg variantMark Hatle
12 daysAdd README for the Xilinx machine infrastructure filesMark Hatle
12 daysMove microblaze arch settings to xilinx-microblaze.incMark Hatle
12 daysMicroblaze: Make microblaze-generic arch dynamic to configurationMark Hatle
12 dayssoc-versal: Add AI Edge, and HBM versal variantsMark Hatle
12 daysmeta-xilinx-standalone: Move from cortexr5f to cortexr5Mark Hatle
12 daysRemove cortexrm tune, as Yocto Project now has cortex-r tunesMark Hatle