AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-01arm-trusted-firmware: Workaround for latest binutilsHEADmasterMark Hatle
2022-09-01binutils: update to current oe-core 2.39 versionMark Hatle
2022-09-01meta-microblaze: elfutils: Moved to OE-CoreMark Hatle
2022-09-01machine-xilinx-default.inc: Remove reference to x86-input-keyboard, obsoleteMark Hatle
2022-09-01gcc: Update patches for Langdale gccMark Hatle
2022-09-01gcc-source: Move to gcc 12Mark Hatle
2022-09-01meta-microblaze: openssl: Change now in OE-CoreMark Hatle
2022-09-01meta-microblaze: disable of seccomp moved to oe-coreMark Hatle
2022-09-01meta-microblaze: Move to gcc-12 to match OE-CoreMark Hatle
2022-09-01meta-xilinx-vendor: Switch layer to support langdaleMark Hatle
2022-09-01meta-microblaze: Switch layer to support langdaleMark Hatle
2022-09-01meta-xilinx-bsp: Switch layer to support langdaleMark Hatle
2022-09-01meta-xilinx-standalone: Switch layer to support langdaleMark Hatle
2022-09-01meta-xilinx-core: Switch layer to support langdaleMark Hatle
2022-08-31README.kirkstone: Make it clear this is a "best effort" branchkirkstone-nextMark Hatle
2022-08-31various: Switch remaining layers to kirkstoneMark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-microblaze: elfutils: Symvers is not supported on microblazeMark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-microblaze: openssl: Use -latomic for microblazeMark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-microblaze: layer.conf: seccomp is not supported with microblazeMark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-microblaze: gdb: Temporarily disable GDBMark Hatle
2022-08-31binutils: Update patches for Langdale binutilsMark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-microblaze: newlib: match OE versionMark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-microblaze: libxcrypt: Workaround no longer requiredMark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-microblaze: zstd: Move bbappend to apply to all 1.5.x versionsMark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-microblaze: glibc: Workaround now upstreamMark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-microblaze: Switch layer to kirkstoneMark Hatle
2022-08-31python3-anytree: Sometimes /usr/license is produced, remove thisMark Hatle
2022-08-31various: Update license to match supported valuesMark Hatle
2022-08-31weston-init: Rename to remove the % to match oe-coreMark Hatle
2022-08-31arm-trusted-firmware, device-tree, qemu-devicetrees: Update license to match ...Mark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-xilinx-vendor: Switch layer to kirkstoneMark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-xilinx-bsp: Switch layer to kirkstoneMark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-xilinx-standalone: Switch layer to kirkstoneMark Hatle
2022-08-31python3-dtc: Move from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1Mark Hatle
2022-08-31lopper: Sync to current meta-virtualizationMark Hatle
2022-08-31meta-xilinx-core: Switch layer to kirkstoneMark Hatle
2022-08-31qemu-xilinux.inc: Override PACKAGECONFIG that are incompatible with current f...Jeremy Puhlman
2022-08-31Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/rel-v2022.1' into honister-nexthonisterMark Hatle
2022-08-26Updated SRCREV for 2022.1Sivaprasad Addepalli
2022-08-23meta-xilinx-standalone-experimental: conf: dtb-embeddedsw: Update repo for be...Appana Durga Kedareswara rao
2022-08-19boot.cmd.sd.versal: Use SDBOOTDEV variable for SD deviceSandeep Gundlupet Raju
2022-08-19dt-processor.sh: Ignore TOPDIR in the CONFIG_DTFILEMark Hatle
2022-08-19dt-process.sh: Ensure the psu_init has the full pathMark Hatle
2022-08-19dfx-mgr: SRCREV: unload SIHA baseSergei Korneichuk
2022-08-18lopper: Update branch and srcrev for beta releaseAppana Durga Kedareswara rao
2022-08-18dt-processor.sh: Move BASE_TMPDIR from = to ?=Mark Hatle
2022-08-10lopper: Update srcrev for 2022Appana Durga Kedareswara rao
2022-08-09Updated SRCREV for 2022.1Sivaprasad Addepalli
2022-08-08xlnx-embeddedsw.bbclass: Update to 2022.1 update versionMark Hatle
2022-08-05meta-xilinx-standalone-experimental: conf: dtb-embeddedsw: Update srcrev for ...Appana Durga Kedareswara rao