BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
kirkstonecloud-init: install sysvinit initscriptsJeremy Puhlman5 days
mastercloud-init: install sysvinit initscriptsJeremy Puhlman5 days
master-nextbuildah: add recipe for buildah v1.26sakib.sajal@windriver.com12 days
honisterxen: fix boot on the Raspberry Pi 4 with Xen 4.14Christopher Clark5 weeks
hardknottcontainerd-opencontainers: add CVE_VERSION settingChen Qi2 months
dunfellcontainerd-opencontainers: add EXTRA_EXTLDFLAGS and use it to fix build with ...Martin Jansa3 months
gatesgarthrunc: change branch to mainBruce Ashfield5 months
master-wipk8s: test init scriptBruce Ashfield7 months
hardknott-nextglobal: convert github SRC_URIs to use https protocolMartin Jansa7 months
easyjsoneasyjson: -native recipe, statically linkedBruce Ashfield8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-05-25xen: fix boot on the Raspberry Pi 4 with Xen 4.14honisterChristopher Clark
2022-05-25xen: drop patch to workaround prelink on aarch64Christopher Clark
2022-05-25linux-yocto-dev, xen, raspberrypi: remove tracking bbappendChristopher Clark
2022-05-12dev86: fix a build raceRoss Burton
2022-03-11xen: Override CC and CPP in make command lineMichal Orzel
2022-01-19xen: Clear TUNE_CCARGS for Xen build for aarch64 machinesKamil Dziezyk
2022-01-19xen-tools: Load xen related kernel modules during system bootKamil Dziezyk
2022-01-14go-fsnotify: switch to main branchBruce Ashfield
2022-01-03cloud-init: switch branch to mainBruce Ashfield
2021-12-16cri-o: switch from master -> mainBruce Ashfield