AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
16 hoursRevert "yq: drop {LINKSHARED}"master-nextJose Quaresma
16 hourskubernetes: make CC for amd64 match other architecturesChen Qi
16 hourskubernetes: update to v1.27.x-rcBruce Ashfield
4 dayspodman: update to 4.4.3Bruce Ashfield
5 dayspython3-botocore: add upstream-status to patchHEADmasterBruce Ashfield
5 daysbotocore: Fix rejecting URLs with unsafe characters in is_valid_endpoint_url()Wentao Zhang
8 daysconf: make container recipes parseable when virtualization is not setBruce Ashfield
11 dayslxc: templates/lxc-busybox.in: if busybox contains init then use itXiangyu Chen
11 dayslxc: add -L option for curl in templates-use-curl-instead-of-wget.patchXiangyu Chen
11 daysimages/kvm: check for kvm distro featureBruce Ashfield
2023-03-08containers: use VIRTUAL-RUNTIME variable to allow container runtime flexibilityBruce Ashfield
2023-03-08podman: use VIRTUAL-RUNTIME variable for flexible RDEPENDSBruce Ashfield
2023-03-08conf: introduce container configuration valuesBruce Ashfield
2023-03-08kernel: add 6.2 kernel configuration includeBruce Ashfield
2023-03-08docker-ce: update to v23.0.1-tipBruce Ashfield
2023-03-08moby: update to v23.01-tipBruce Ashfield
2023-03-08crun: update to v1.8.1Bruce Ashfield
2023-03-08aardvark-dns: Add ptest supportVasileios Anagnostopoulos
2023-03-08netavark: Add ptest supportVasileios Anagnostopoulos
2023-03-08aardvark-dns: add the recipeVasileios Anagnostopoulos
2023-03-08netavark: update the netavark versionVasileios Anagnostopoulos
2023-03-08netavark: add the netavark recipePascal Bach
2023-03-08yq: drop {LINKSHARED}Mingli Yu
2023-03-08lxc: skip lxc-test-apparmor-mount and lxc-test-get_item in ptestXiangyu Chen
2023-03-02yq: remove .git suffix for cobra componentMingli Yu
2023-02-27buildah: update to 1.29.xBruce Ashfield
2023-02-21container-host-config: extend to native and nativesdkChen Qi
2023-02-21container-host-config: provide /etc/containers/policy.jsonChen Qi
2023-02-21docker-*: prevent -march being exported in arm buildsMartin Jansa
2023-02-17cri-o: update crio.conf to match the current versionChen Qi
2023-02-17cri-o: create /var/lib/crioChen Qi
2023-02-17cri-o: use PACKAGECONFIG to handle selinuxChen Qi
2023-02-17cri-o: remove meta-security checkChen Qi
2023-02-17README: remove some cri-o specific layer dependenciesChen Qi
2023-02-17skopeo: use container-host bbclass to provide configurationBruce Ashfield
2023-02-17containers: add container-host-config recipeBruce Ashfield
2023-02-17containers: introduce container-host classBruce Ashfield
2023-02-17cri-o: update to 1.25.2Bruce Ashfield
2023-02-17skopeo: update to 1.11.0Bruce Ashfield
2023-02-17runc-docker: update to 1.1.0-tipBruce Ashfield
2023-02-17runc-opencontainers: update to 1.1.0-tipBruce Ashfield
2023-02-17podman-tui: update to v0.7.0-tipBruce Ashfield
2023-02-17podman: update to 4.4Bruce Ashfield
2023-02-16spf13-cobra: switch from master -> mainBruce Ashfield
2023-02-15meta-virt: sync SRC_URIs between k8s and k3sChen Qi
2023-02-10yq: add ptest supportMingli Yu
2023-02-10yq: Upgrade to 4.30.8Mingli Yu
2023-02-10yq: fix QA issuesMingli Yu
2023-02-10containerd: update to v1.7.0-beta3Bruce Ashfield
2023-02-10docker-ce: update to v23.0.1Bruce Ashfield