AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysumoci: update to 0.4.7-tipmaster-nextBruce Ashfield
4 dayspodman-tui: update to 0.3.x -tipBruce Ashfield
4 dayspodman: update to v4.1.0Bruce Ashfield
4 dayscni/plugins: update to 1.1.1Bruce Ashfield
4 dayscni: update to 1.1.0Bruce Ashfield
4 daysrunc/docker: update to 1.1.2Bruce Ashfield
4 daysrunc: update to 1.1.2Bruce Ashfield
4 daysdocker-ce: update to 20.10.16Bruce Ashfield
4 daysdocker/moby/libnetwork: update to -latestBruce Ashfield
4 daysdocker/moby: update to 20.10.16Bruce Ashfield
4 dayskubernetes: update to 1.24 releaseBruce Ashfield
4 dayskubernetes: inhibit package QA warningBruce Ashfield
4 daysxen: Disable PCI on qemuarm with XenHEADmasterBertrand Marquis
4 daysxen: enable qemuboot for arm32Bertrand Marquis
4 daysqemuboot: Fix command line and enable other machinesBertrand Marquis
4 daysxen: Fix class inherit in xen-imageBertrand Marquis
4 dayslibvirt: Fix keeping restartingHe Zhe
10 dayscriu: Upgrade to 3.17 to fix restore and fix buildHe Zhe
10 daysipxe: Pin to use gccKhem Raj
13 daysxen-tools: Fix build with GCC 12Khem Raj
13 daysseabios: Upgrade to 1.16 releaseKhem Raj
13 daysRevert "qemuboot, xen-image-minimal: enable runqemu for qemuarm Xen images"Bruce Ashfield
13 daysxen/4.16: fix gcc 12 buildBruce Ashfield
13 daysxen images, qemuboot: configure xenbr0 bridge for runqemu, testimageChristopher Clark
13 daysqemuboot, xen-image-minimal: enable runqemu for qemuarm Xen imagesChristopher Clark
13 daysxen, xen-tools: add recommendation for Qemu for non-hvm x86Christopher Clark
13 daysxen-tools: correct xencommons initscript for systemdBruce Ashfield
2022-05-02xen: use vgabios 0.8aRoss Burton
2022-05-02vgabios: upgrade to 0.8a and cleanup recipeRoss Burton
2022-05-02dev86: fix a build raceRoss Burton
2022-04-26xen: Add missing space in append to IMAGE_INSTALLBertrand Marquis
2022-04-26libvirt: Fix error on undefining domain and segfault on libvirt_driver_qemu.soHe Zhe
2022-04-26containerd-opencontainers: add CVE_VERSION settingChen Qi
2022-04-21nerdctl: move SRC_URI appends to include fileBruce Ashfield
2022-04-21nerdctl: update to v0.18Bruce Ashfield
2022-04-21xen-tools: don't declare xencommons as an initscript for systemdBruce Ashfield
2022-04-20k3s: Add missing IP Virtual Server (ip_vs) feature to the kernel configRichard Neill
2022-04-20openvswitch: uprev from v2.17.0-30-g2404d4536 to v2.17.1He Zhe
2022-04-20xen: Remove 4.14 recipes and related patchesMichal Orzel
2022-04-20xen: Add recipes for stable Xen 4.16 release and update masterMichal Orzel
2022-04-20xen: Bump SRCREV of 4.15 recipes to 4.15.2Michal Orzel
2022-04-19xen-tools: remove unused systemd/sysvinit filesBruce Ashfield
2022-04-13libvmi: Fix out of box build failure with xen disabledHe Zhe
2022-04-11k3s: do not use a go file as patchAdrian Freihofer
2022-04-11libvirt: fix QA packaging issue when multlib is enabledBruce Ashfield
2022-04-11cni: fix protocol argument typoBruce Ashfield
2022-04-08cni: add flannel plugin from separate repositoryBruce Ashfield
2022-04-07virt-what: add new recipeRoss Burton
2022-03-31k3s: clarify uprev version (1.22.6) and PVBruce Ashfield
2022-03-30containers: introduce podman-tuiBruce Ashfield