AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-17xtf: chang the old override syntaxkirkstoneXiangyu Chen
2023-04-21ovs: update to 2.17.6Xiangyu Chen
2023-04-12kubernetes: update to v1.23.17sakib.sajal@windriver.com
2023-04-12containerd: upgrade to 1.6.19Chen Qi
2023-03-17lxc: add -L and -f for curl in templates-use-curl-instead-of-wget.patchXiangyu Chen
2023-03-17lxc: backport changes from master for templates-use-curl-instead-of-wget.patchXiangyu Chen
2023-03-02container-host-config: extend to native and nativesdkChen Qi
2023-03-02container-host-config: provide /etc/containers/policy.jsonChen Qi
2023-03-02README: remove some cri-o specific layer dependenciesChen Qi
2023-03-02skopeo: use container-host bbclass to provide configurationBruce Ashfield
2023-03-02containers: add container-host-config recipeBruce Ashfield
2023-03-02containers: introduce container-host classBruce Ashfield
2023-03-02cri-o: update crio.conf to match the current version 1.23Chen Qi
2023-03-02cri-o: create /var/lib/crioChen Qi
2023-03-02cri-o: use PACKAGECONFIG to handle selinuxChen Qi
2023-03-02cri-o: remove meta-security checkChen Qi
2023-02-15containerd: update to 1.6.12Bruce Ashfield
2023-02-15irqbalance: Use built-in irqbalance.service instead of local oneHe Zhe
2023-01-19lxc: backport patch to fix CVE-2022-47952Xiangyu Chen
2023-01-10openvswitch: backport patch to fix CVE-2022-4337 and CVE-2022-4338Xiangyu Chen
2022-12-22moby: update to v20.10.21Adrian Freihofer
2022-12-22docker/moby: use generic DOCKER_COMMIT in do_compileBruce Ashfield
2022-12-22docker: add seccomp to default packageconfig settingsBruce Ashfield
2022-12-22docker: add mobyproject:moby to CVE_PRODUCTBruce Ashfield
2022-12-22containerd: update to v1.6.9Bruce Ashfield
2022-12-22runc-docker: update to 1.1.4-tipBruce Ashfield
2022-12-22runc: update to 1.1.4-tipBruce Ashfield
2022-12-22docker/proxy: don't use -linkshared unconditionallyJose Quaresma
2022-12-22containerd: fix final TMDIR referencesBruce Ashfield
2022-12-22docker: reproducibility add -trimpath to go -> $GO patchesBruce Ashfield
2022-12-22containerd: improve reproducibilityBruce Ashfield
2022-12-22containerd: update to 1.6.8Bruce Ashfield
2022-12-22docker: ensure that sysvinit and systemd are exclusiveBruce Ashfield
2022-12-22docker-ce: update to 20.10.17Bruce Ashfield
2022-12-22docker-moby: update to 20.10.17Bruce Ashfield
2022-12-22runc-docker: update to 1.1.3Bruce Ashfield
2022-12-22runc: update to 1.1.3Bruce Ashfield
2022-12-22runc-opencontainers: drop obsolete patchAdrian Freihofer
2022-12-22docker-ce: update to 20.10.16Bruce Ashfield
2022-12-22docker/moby/libnetwork: update to -latestBruce Ashfield
2022-12-22docker/moby: update to 20.10.16Bruce Ashfield
2022-12-08upx: Use git fetcher instead of gitsmJoakim Roubert
2022-12-08upx: update to latest devel releaseBruce Ashfield
2022-11-29yq: fix buildBruce Ashfield
2022-10-26xen: Make xilinx extension genericMark Hatle
2022-09-26kubernetes: fixed typosGuenther Meyer
2022-09-19buildah: add recipe for buildah v1.26sakib.sajal@windriver.com
2022-09-19catatonit: Integrate version 0.1.7Andrei Gherzan
2022-08-31podman: Fix merge typoAndrei Gherzan
2022-08-30podman: Patch for CVE-2022-27649Andrei Gherzan