BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master-nextRevert "yq: drop {LINKSHARED}"Jose Quaresma40 hours
masterpython3-botocore: add upstream-status to patchBruce Ashfield6 days
kirkstonelxc: add -L and -f for curl in templates-use-curl-instead-of-wget.patchXiangyu Chen12 days
langdalelxc: backport patch to fix CVE-2022-47952Xiangyu Chen2 months
dunfellopenvswitch: CVE-2021-3905 External triggered memory leakHitendra Prajapati6 months
honisterxen: fix boot on the Raspberry Pi 4 with Xen 4.14Christopher Clark10 months
hardknottcontainerd-opencontainers: add CVE_VERSION settingChen Qi11 months
gatesgarthrunc: change branch to mainBruce Ashfield14 months
master-wipk8s: test init scriptBruce Ashfield16 months
hardknott-nextglobal: convert github SRC_URIs to use https protocolMartin Jansa16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-09-20openvswitch: CVE-2021-3905 External triggered memory leakdunfellHitendra Prajapati
2022-09-13libvirt: CVE-2021-3975 segmentation fault during VM shutdown can lead to vdsm...Hitendra Prajapati
2022-07-05libvirt: CVE-2022-0897 missing locking in nwfilterConnectNumOfNWFilters can l...Hitendra Prajapati
2022-07-05libvirt: CVE-2021-3667 Improper locking on ACL failureHitendra Prajapati
2022-04-06containerd-opencontainers: add EXTRA_EXTLDFLAGS and use it to fix build with ...Martin Jansa
2022-01-27runc: change branch to mainBruce Ashfield
2022-01-14go-fsnotify: switch to main branchBruce Ashfield
2021-11-06go-{distribution,systemd}: convert github SRC_URIs to use https protocolMartin Jansa
2021-11-05crun/oci-image-spec: specify https in github src_uriBruce Ashfield
2021-11-03global: convert github SRC_URIs to use https protocolMartin Jansa