BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastersdimage-raspberrypi.wks: increase /boot partition minimal size from 20 to 100Martin Jansa6 days
kirkstoneAdd Raspberry Pi 5Leon Anavi2 weeks
nanbielddocs: fix syntax for overriding fs type for initramfs imageLorenzo Arena3 months
mickledoremachines: simplify MACHINEOVERRIDES definitionsZachary T Welch3 months
langdaleudev-rules-rpi: Use 99-com.rules directly from upstreamFlorin Sarbu9 months
langdale-nextraspberrypi4-64: drop DEFAULTTUNE assignmentMartin Jansa16 months
dunfelllinux-firmware-rpidistro: fix wifi driver loading on cm4Omer Akram20 months
honisterlinux-raspberrypi: Upgrade to 5.10.83Devendra Tewari2 years
hardknottrecipes: Update SRC_URI protocols for githubDevendra Tewari2 years
gatesgarthpython3-adafruit-*: fix branch parameterMartin Jansa3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 dayssdimage-raspberrypi.wks: increase /boot partition minimal size from 20 to 100HEADmasterMartin Jansa
7 dayssdcard_image-rpi.bbclass: include ${IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX} directly in both ${IMA...Martin Jansa
7 dayspython3-sense-hat: Drop PYTHON_PNKhem Raj
9 daysrpi-eeprom_git: v.2024.01.05-2712 Update recipe to latest rpi-eeprom repoMatthew Draws
9 daysrpidistro-ffmpeg: Fix old override syntaxKevin Hao
9 dayslayer.conf: Update for the scarthgap release seriesKhem Raj
9 dayslinux-raspberrypi: Upgrade to 6.1.77Khem Raj
2024-02-13rpi-base: Add missing hifiberry overlayPascal Huerst
2024-02-01libcamera-apps: fix build with libcamera-0.2.0Martin Jansa
2024-02-01linux-raspberrypi_6.1.bb: Upgrade to 6.1.74Khem Raj