BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
oe-corepseudo_util: Fix handling of absolute linksChaitanya Vadrevu6 weeks
ross/debugXXX wrapper debugRoss Burton16 months
ross/attradd arm64 versions for xattrRoss Burton16 months
ross/fixesmakewrappers: fix Python 2 hangoverRoss Burton16 months
masteruse *correct* flags for open/openat, also apply them for related statSeebs3 years
ross/masteruse *correct* flags for open/openat, also apply them for related statSeebs3 years
PSEUDO_1_9_0Fix openat flag #ifdef typoSeebs4 years
PSEUDO_1_8_2pseudo 1.8.2Seebs5 years
seebs/xattr_performanceFix xattr performanceseebs6 years
PSEUDO_1_8_1pseudo 1.8.1Richard Purdie6 years
PSEUDO_1_8_01.8.0 branchPeter Seebach6 years
seebs/evlogadd wrapper for bindPeter Seebach6 years
diagtestsfixup for client moving pseudo debug fd to 2 even if fd 2 was in useSeebs6 years
PSEUDO_1_7_51.7.5 branchPeter Seebach6 years
PSEUDO_1_7_4f*open*: Use more-correct mode.Peter Seebach7 years
PSEUDO_1_7_3pseudo 1.7.3Peter Seebach7 years
PSEUDO_1_7_21.7.2 branchPeter Seebach7 years
PSEUDO_1_7_1pseudo 1.7.1Peter Seebach7 years
PSEUDO_1_7_01.7.0 branchPeter Seebach7 years
seebs/reshuffleReduce unused message sendingPeter Seebach7 years
seebs/xattrdbmore PSEUDO_ROOT_PATHPeter Seebach7 years
PSEUDO_1_6_71.6.7: fix mkfifoPeter Seebach7 years
PSEUDO_1_6_61.6.6 (fifo and xattr improvements)Peter Seebach7 years
PSEUDO_1_6_5reduce spurious messages about trailing slashesPeter Seebach7 years
PSEUDO_1_6_4pseudo 1.6.4Peter Seebach7 years
PSEUDO_1_6_31.6.3Peter Seebach7 years
PSEUDO_1_6_11.6.1Peter Seebach8 years
PSEUDO_1_6_0symbol version tweaksPeter Seebach8 years
PSEUDO_1_5_1permissions updates: improve fchmodat, mask out write bitsPeter Seebach8 years
seebs/xattrfchmodat: don't pass AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOWPeter Seebach8 years
PSEUDO_1_5PSEUDO_ALLOW_FSYNC: Allow fsync()Peter Seebach9 years
PSEUDO_1_4_5Fix linkat() again.Peter Seebach9 years
PSEUDO_1_4_4Fix link() to work when chrootedPeter Seebach9 years
PSEUDO_1_4_3Tag: 1.4.3.Peter Seebach9 years
PSEUDO_1_4_2Add sqlite-lib setting.Peter Seebach9 years
SEEBS_TESTINGbitrot and linkat() fixes for Darwin.Peter Seebach9 years
PSEUDO_1_4_1Fix up chroot damage caused by PSEUDO_STATBUF fixPeter Seebach10 years
PSEUDO_1_3_1dummyPeter Seebach10 years
PSEUDO_1_4Use .tar.bz2 tarballPeter Seebach10 years
PSEUDO_1_3call this 1.3Peter Seebach10 years
WRLINUX_4_3The O_LARGEFILE value was getting merged into mode (where it wasPeter Seebach10 years
PSEUDO_1_2Name this 1.2Peter Seebach11 years
PSEUDO_1_1_2Call this 1.1.2Peter Seebach11 years
PSEUDO_1_1_1Merge branch 'PSEUDO_1_1_1' of git://github.com/wrpseudo/pseudo into PSEUDO_1...Mark Hatle11 years
PSEUDO_1_11.1.1 releasePeter Seebach11 years
PSEUDO_PORTS_REMIXMerge commit '96d8e7ce8b483e5cafd0449b9735e4714f41f20b' into PSEUDO_PORTS_REMIXPeter Seebach11 years
WRLINUX_NOCLONEWRLINUX_NOCLONE branch: Remove clone(2). Why? Because it breaksPeter Seebach11 years
PSEUDO_PORTStypoSeebs11 years
PSEUDO_1_0... and pseudodb needs -ldlPeter Seebach11 years
SEEBS_CLONE_HACKclone(2) support.Peter Seebach11 years
SEEBS_FORK_HACKMajor shift: Fix execl*(), allow enabling/disabling pseudo withPeter Seebach11 years