AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-08pseudo 1.8.1pseudo-1.8.1PSEUDO_1_8_1Richard Purdie
2016-07-05Fix segfault and data loss in pseudo_dbJoshua Lock
2016-07-05Remove stray , in log_tables SQLJoshua Lock
2016-07-05Mark ports/unix/subports executableJoshua Lock
2016-05-18better handling of missing real_foo functionsPeter Seebach
2016-05-18fix initializer warnings in pseudo_db.cPeter Seebach
2016-05-121.8.0 branchpseudo-1.8.0PSEUDO_1_8_0Peter Seebach
2016-05-12respect $(LDFLAGS)Peter Seebach
2016-03-25xattr work: handle deletes and renamesPeter Seebach
2016-03-25rework extended attribute support in databasePeter Seebach
2016-03-25actually handle remove_xattr correctlyPeter Seebach
2016-03-11set default umask in serverPeter Seebach
2016-03-10add wrapper for bindPeter Seebach
2016-03-09make bash stop bullying mePeter Seebach
2016-03-02pseudo client spawning cleanupPeter Seebach
2016-03-02Server launch rework continued, probably finishedPeter Seebach
2016-03-01Server launch reworking.Peter Seebach
2016-02-24Various logging and cleanupPeter Seebach
2016-02-23Add event loggerPeter Seebach
2016-02-23Improve logfile handlingPeter Seebach
2016-02-091.7.5 branchpseudo-1.7.5PSEUDO_1_7_5Peter Seebach
2016-02-08improve abort handlingPeter Seebach
2016-02-08pseudo_client.c: rework of startup logic in clientPeter Seebach
2016-02-08pseudo_server.c: increase "short" timeout, improve logic for shutdownsPeter Seebach
2016-02-08pseudo.c: don't shutdown after command without -S.Peter Seebach
2016-02-05pseudo_client.c: retry after a couple of millisecondsPeter Seebach
2016-02-05pseudo_db.c: sort xattrsPeter Seebach
2016-02-05pseudo_server.c: new clients cancel a shutdown requestPeter Seebach
2016-02-05pseudo_client.c: don't abort on failure to start serverPeter Seebach
2016-01-22Fix mknod(...) with no file type bitsPeter Seebach
2015-09-22f*open*: Use more-correct mode.pseudo-1.7.4PSEUDO_1_7_4Peter Seebach
2015-09-04pseudo 1.7.3pseudo-1.7.3PSEUDO_1_7_3Peter Seebach
2015-09-04Don't have mkdirat set errno unintentionallyPeter Seebach
2015-09-04Add return value printing to wrappersPeter Seebach
2015-09-031.7.2 branchpseudo-1.7.2PSEUDO_1_7_2Peter Seebach
2015-09-03Finish (I hope) working around 0700 umasks.Peter Seebach
2015-09-02pseudo 1.7.1pseudo-1.7.1PSEUDO_1_7_1Peter Seebach
2015-09-01realpath: allocate memory when null pointer givenPeter Seebach
2015-09-01Don't use bare lstat.Peter Seebach
2015-08-241.7.0 branchpseudo-1.7.0PSEUDO_1_7_0Peter Seebach
2015-08-24Small cleanups in passingPeter Seebach
2015-08-24Some extra debugging bits.Peter Seebach
2015-08-24xattrdb bug fixesPeter Seebach
2015-08-21Mark dummy entries as dummiesPeter Seebach
2015-08-21Clean up some const stuffPeter Seebach
2015-08-21Reduce unused message sendingPeter Seebach
2015-08-21New option: Use extended attributes to store db values.Peter Seebach
2015-08-20Drop the allocation in pseudo_fix_path/pseudo_root_path/etc.Peter Seebach
2015-08-20Initial profiling implementation.Peter Seebach
2015-07-171.6.7: fix mkfifopseudo-1.6.7PSEUDO_1_6_7Peter Seebach