AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-15fchmodat: don't pass AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOWseebs/xattrPeter Seebach
2014-04-24subports: Use right compilerPeter Seebach
2014-04-24Make configure handle xattr guessing (or specifying)Peter Seebach
2014-04-24test/test-xattr.sh: Add test case for xattrMark Hatle
2014-04-24Spell flag override correctly, rename flagsPeter Seebach
2014-04-24Use correct length when creating new xattrPeter Seebach
2014-04-22xattr support and other path stuff: reduce allocation and copyingPeter Seebach
2014-04-21Extended attributes: Intercept posix_acl_accessPeter Seebach
2014-04-21Extended attribute improvements (no path, binary data)Peter Seebach
2014-04-21Initial draft xattr supportPeter Seebach
2014-04-21pseudo command-line use: shut down serverPeter Seebach
2014-04-21Automatic dependency checking for wrappersPeter Seebach
2014-04-21update copyright datePeter Seebach
2014-01-23mkdir was storing/reporting modes with 0700 addedPeter Seebach
2014-01-23mknod apparently got broken a long time ago, fixedPeter Seebach
2014-01-22New version 1.6.Peter Seebach
2014-01-22Don't automatically fall back to /etc/passwd.Peter Seebach
2014-01-22minor message cleanupPeter Seebach
2014-01-22fix typo in man pagePeter Seebach
2014-01-22future planning notesPeter Seebach
2014-01-22some minor tweaks to the performance testPeter Seebach
2013-06-25Change debugging to use flags rather than levelsPeter Seebach
2013-06-18Fix RHEL 4.7 compilation errorPeter Seebach
2013-02-27documentation updatesPeter Seebach
2013-02-27remove left-over debug messagePeter Seebach
2013-02-26PSEUDO_ALLOW_FSYNC: Allow fsync()pseudo-1.5PSEUDO_1_5Peter Seebach
2013-02-26completely remove pseudo_debugcalls when -DNDEBUGPeter Seebach
2013-02-17Darwin fixes for fsync changes, uninitialized variablePeter Seebach
2013-02-16If you don't want the answer, don't ask the question.Peter Seebach
2013-02-16allow pseudo to force asynchronous behaviorPeter Seebach
2013-02-16Use in-memory database for filesPeter Seebach
2013-02-13Fix linkat() again.pseudo-1.4.5PSEUDO_1_4_5Peter Seebach
2013-02-12Fix link() to work when chrootedpseudo-1.4.4PSEUDO_1_4_4Peter Seebach
2013-01-31Tag: 1.4.3.pseudo-1.4.3PSEUDO_1_4_3Peter Seebach
2013-01-30Add sqlite-lib setting.pseudo-1.4.2PSEUDO_1_4_2Peter Seebach
2013-01-30Remove a couple of highly non-obvious GLIBC_2.7 dependencies.Peter Seebach
2012-12-13tag (and makefile.in) 1.4.2Peter Seebach
2012-12-12bitrot and linkat() fixes for Darwin.SEEBS_TESTINGPeter Seebach
2012-12-12add linkat() implementationPeter Seebach
2012-11-02Makefile.in/configure: Use $(LIB), not hardcoded lib, for sqlitePeter Seebach
2012-08-09Fix up chroot damage caused by PSEUDO_STATBUF fixpseudo-1.4.1PSEUDO_1_4_1Peter Seebach
2012-08-02Remove the _plain thing, use PSEUDO_STATBUF everywhere.Peter Seebach
2012-07-27Use .tar.bz2 tarballpseudo-1.4PSEUDO_1_4Peter Seebach
2012-07-24CleanupPeter Seebach
2012-07-20tag 1.4Peter Seebach
2012-07-20Don't try to learn all the architecture-specific flagsPeter Seebach
2012-06-281.3.1 tagPeter Seebach
2012-06-28[Yocto #2639] Don't crash with really long chroot directoriesPeter Seebach
2012-04-30change official upstreamPeter Seebach
2012-04-10First pass at smarter handling of multilib compile optionsPeter Seebach