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2019-11-25man-pages: correct the SRC_URIAlexander Kanavin
2019-05-12man-pages: upgrade 4.16 -> 5.01Hongxu Jia
2019-01-03man-pages: use alternatives to resolve crypt.3 conflictmark asselstine
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2015-08-24man-pages: update to 4.02Maxin B. John
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2015-01-23man-pages: upgrade to 3.76Hongxu Jia
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2014-06-25man-pages: Update to 3.69Saul Wold
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2014-04-24man-pages: update to 3.64Saul Wold
2014-02-28man-pages: Update to 3.60Saul Wold
2014-02-17man-pages: Update to 3.56Saul Wold
2014-01-14man-pages: upgrade to 3.56Saul Wold
2013-12-18man-pages: upgrade to 3.55Saul Wold
2013-10-14man-pages: upgrade to 3.54Saul Wold
2013-08-06man-pages: upgrade to 3.53Saul Wold
2013-07-10man-pages: Update to 3.52Saul Wold
2013-03-18man-pages: Update to 3.50Saul Wold