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2022-01-25spdx-common.bbclass: Added an API for scancode.Lei Maohui
2021-09-13spdx-common.bbclass: Deleted redundant dependencies.Lei Maohui
2021-09-08Modified unnecessary warning.Lei Maohui
2021-08-18Fix issue of Document Information.Lei Maohui
2021-07-27Fix patch error for recipes that inherit dos2unix.Lei Maohui
2021-06-25Separate do_upload to two tasks (creat tarball and upload), aim to be compati...Lei Maohui
2021-05-24Expand PackageLicenseInfoInLicenseFile field:Lei Maohui
2020-11-30Modified the following:Lei Maohui
2020-04-16Enhance phased rest upload solutionJan-Simon Moeller
2020-04-03Added function for fossology-rest-phased.bbclass.Lei Maohui
2020-03-18Modify Document and Package InfoLei Maohui
2020-03-18Added some important file's license to PackageComment.Lei Maohui
2020-02-06Deleted the redundant space.Lei Maohui
2019-12-03Fix the following issues.Lei Maohui
2019-11-13Modified "modification record" to "ModificationRecord".Lei Maohui
2019-11-07Move modification record into PackageComment.Lei Maohui
2019-08-29Deleted redundant directory.Lei Maohui
2019-08-22Did the following improvements:Lei Maohui