AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-20Added MAINTAINERS file.jethroLei Maohui
2020-02-20Rename LICENSE to COPYING.MIT.Lei Maohui
2019-11-13Modified for YP jethro branch.Lei Maohui
2019-11-08Merge pull request #15 from y-ashiduka/developleimaohui
2019-11-08Fix warn message.Yuusuke Ashiduka
2019-11-07Move modification record into PackageComment.Lei Maohui
2019-11-01Capture logging info of fossdriver.Lei Maohui
2019-10-28Update README.mdleimaohui
2019-10-14Fix an error.Lei Maohui
2019-10-10Fix a bug.Lei Maohui
2019-10-08Delete tar ball after scanning.Lei Maohui
2019-10-06Added default FOSSOLOGY_SERVER.Lei Maohui
2019-09-11Improve for huge source code.Lei Maohui
2019-09-09Reduce failures during multitask of do_spdx.Lei Maohui
2019-09-03Update README and notes in fossdriver-host.bbclass.Lei Maohui
2019-09-03Added prototype of fossology REST API to get spdx files.Lei Maohui
2019-08-29Deleted redundant directory.Lei Maohui
2019-08-23Added missing inherit line.Lei Maohui
2019-08-22Update README.Lei Maohui
2019-08-22Deleted redundant comment.Lei Maohui
2019-08-22Did the following improvements:Lei Maohui
2019-08-18python3-sphinx-native: Update SRC_URI to more stable git repository.Lei Maohui
2019-08-18Deleted python3-psycopg2-native from dependences of dosocs2.Lei Maohui
2019-08-12The modifacation is following:Lei Maohui
2019-07-27There is no need to create spdx files for the following OSS:Lei Maohui
2019-07-09Update README.Lei Maohui
2019-07-08Update README and added sumo into LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_spdxscanner.Lei Maohui
2019-07-08perl_5.24.1.bbappend: Deleted version info from recipe name.Lei Maohui
2019-07-03To reduce failures in multitask of do_spdx.Lei Maohui
2019-07-02Added LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_spdxscanner.Lei Maohui
2019-05-30Merge branch 'warrior'Lei Maohui
2019-05-30Added do_spdx into nopackages.bbclass. Because there is no necessary to creat...Lei Maohui
2019-05-30Try more times to reduce failure when milti do_spdx is running.Lei Maohui
2019-05-27fossdriver-host.bbclass: Added necessary dependence.Lei Maohui
2019-05-27fossdriver-host.bbclass: Added necessary dependence.Lei Maohui
2019-05-24Fix bug and improve .Lei Maohui
2019-05-13Resolved Issue #6 and #7.Lei Maohui
2018-11-07lid-scan.bbclass: not complete, move to develop branch.Lei Maohui
2018-11-07Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/dl9pf/meta-spdxscannerLei Maohui
2018-11-07Update README.mdleimaohui
2018-10-29Update README.mdleimaohui
2018-10-29Merge branch 'sumo'Lei Maohui
2018-10-29Rename spdx-dosocs.bbclass to dosocs.bbclassLei Maohui
2018-10-29Merge branch 'sumo'Lei Maohui
2018-10-29Supported fossdriver.Lei Maohui
2018-08-10Added class for dosocsv2 runing on host.Lei Maohui
2018-08-08Update PackageHomePage.Lei Maohui
2018-08-08Modified some bugs.Lei Maohui
2018-06-13Merge pull request #5 from zhengrq-fnst/masterleimaohui
2018-06-11Subject: [meta-spdxscanner][PATCH] dosocs.bbclass: bug fixZheng Ruoqin