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2020-12-03README.md: Updated.gatesgarthLei Maohui
2020-12-03WAIT_TIME: Reduce to 20s.Lei Maohui
2020-12-03scancode-tk: Modified for the following:Lei Maohui
2020-12-03fossdriver-host.bbclass: Deleted for no maintenance for long time.Lei Maohui
2020-12-03fossology-rest: To remove the denpendence of nopackages.bbclass.Lei Maohui
2020-11-30There is no need to modify nopackages.bbclass.Lei Maohui
2020-11-30Modified the following:Lei Maohui
2020-09-09Added some error capture from fossology-python.dunfellLei Maohui
2020-08-07layer.conf: Update LAYERSERIES.Lei Maohui
2020-08-07TODO: Deleted old info.Lei Maohui
2020-08-07fossology-python: Fixed some error in multitask running.Lei Maohui
2020-05-14Enhance phased rest upload solutionJan-Simon Moeller
2020-05-11If the package has been uploaded, try to get spdx first.Lei Maohui
2020-04-30Fix a miss.Lei Maohui
2020-04-24Update README.Lei Maohui
2020-04-24Merge branch 'master' of ssh://push.yoctoproject.org/meta-spdxscannerLei Maohui
2020-04-24Added fossology rest API of python.Lei Maohui
2020-04-16Enhance phased rest upload solutionJan-Simon Moeller
2020-04-13Update the README for scancode-tkLei Maohui
2020-04-13Fix a bug.Lei Maohui
2020-04-07Added dunfell support.Lei Maohui
2020-04-03Added new task to nopackages.bbclass for fossology-rest-phased.bbclass.Lei Maohui
2020-04-03Fix build bug for config of NO_PROXY.Lei Maohui
2020-04-03Added function for fossology-rest-phased.bbclass.Lei Maohui
2020-04-03Added fossology-rest-phased.bbclass to allow get spdx files byLei Maohui
2020-04-02Remove True option to getVar calls.Lei Maohui
2020-04-02Add localhost to noproxy list.Li, Xiaoming
2020-04-02Fix comment info.Lei Maohui
2020-03-24scancode-toolkit-native: Make it work under python3.Lei Maohui
2020-03-18Update README.Lei Maohui
2020-03-18Modify Document and Package InfoLei Maohui
2020-03-18Added some important file's license to PackageComment.Lei Maohui
2020-02-27Deleted redundant code.Lei Maohui
2020-02-20Added MAINTAINERS file.Lei Maohui
2020-02-20Rename LICENSE to COPYING.MIT.Lei Maohui
2020-02-06Deleted the redundant space.Lei Maohui
2020-01-15Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/dl9pf/meta-spdxscannerLei Maohui
2020-01-15Support upload packages to different folders.Lei Maohui
2020-01-15Fix a miss.Lei Maohui
2020-01-06Fix some bugs and impove the success rate when get spdx report.Lei Maohui
2019-12-10Update Creator from scancode to scancode-tk.Lei Maohui
2019-12-10Aim to support old dosocsv2, many old recipes have to been added.Lei Maohui
2019-12-03Update README.Lei Maohui
2019-12-03Fix the following issues.Lei Maohui
2019-11-18Update README.mdleimaohui
2019-11-18Deleted redundant comments.Lei Maohui
2019-11-18Update README.Lei Maohui
2019-11-18Added scancode-toolkit support into meta-spdxscanner.Lei Maohui
2019-11-15Make it support zeus.Lei Maohui
2019-11-13Modified "modification record" to "ModificationRecord".Lei Maohui