AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 hoursMerge pull request #957 from MaxKrummenacher/masterHEADmasterOtavio Salvador
24 hoursopencv: imx: stop fetching tiny-dnnMax Krummenacher
25 hoursopencv: imx: prevent warning about distutilsMax Krummenacher
3 daysMerge pull request #955 from YoeDistro/yoe/mutOtavio Salvador
3 daysgstreamer: Lockin the versions for imx machinesKhem Raj
4 daysMerge pull request #954 from thochstein/recipes-bspOtavio Salvador
4 daysbasler-camera: Upgrade to Hochstein
4 daysisp-imx: Upgrade to Hochstein
4 daysimx-vpu-hantro-vc: Upgrade to 1.6.0Tom Hochstein
4 daysimx-vpu-hantro-daemon: Upgrade to 1.1.1Tom Hochstein
4 daysimx-vpu-hantro: Upgrade to 1.24.0Tom Hochstein
4 daysimx-test: Update to 5.10.72-2.2.0Tom Hochstein
4 daysimx-seco-libs: Update to 5.10.72-2.2.0Tom Hochstein
4 daysimx-seco: Upgrade to 3.8.4Tom Hochstein
4 daysimx-sc-firmware: Upgrade to 1.11.0Tom Hochstein
4 daysimx-boot,u-boot-imx: Add bootloader image size to SD card imageTom Hochstein
4 daysu-boot-imx*: Update to 5.10.72-2.2.0Tom Hochstein
4 daysMerge pull request #952 from zandrey/imx8mq-mainline-bsp-supportOtavio Salvador
4 daysconf: machine: imx8mq-evk: add mainline bsp supportAndrey Zhizhikin
5 daysMerge pull request #950 from zandrey/upgrade-u-boot-fslcOtavio Salvador
5 daysimx-boot-container: align with u-boot 2022.01Andrey Zhizhikin
5 daysu-boot-fslc: upgrade to v2022.01+fslcAndrey Zhizhikin
6 daysimx-mkimage: Update to 5.10.72-2.2.0Tom Hochstein
6 daysimx-atf: Upgrade to NXP release 5.10.72-2.2.0Tom Hochstein
6 daysfirmware-imx: Install HDMI firmware to standard locationTom Hochstein
6 daysfirmware-imx: Upgrade to 8.14Tom Hochstein
6 daysMerge pull request #942 from nsdrude/masterOtavio Salvador
6 daysimx-gst1.0-plugin: Enable to support i.MX Audio DSP CodecNate Drude
6 daysimx-dsp-codec-ext: add recipeNate Drude
6 daysimx-dsp: add recipeNate Drude
6 daysMerge pull request #945 from MaxKrummenacher/masterOtavio Salvador
8 dayslibsdl2: follow oe-core's move to cmakeMax Krummenacher
2022-01-07Merge pull request #937 from thochstein/masterOtavio Salvador
2022-01-07linux-imx-headers: Upgrade to 5.10.72Tom Hochstein
2022-01-07linux-imx: Upgrade to 5.10.72Tom Hochstein
2022-01-07EULA,SCR: Update for NXP release 5.10.72-2.2.0Tom Hochstein
2022-01-07Merge pull request #936 from zandrey/kernel-update-masterOtavio Salvador
2022-01-06linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.10.90Andrey Zhizhikin
2022-01-06linux-fslc-lts: update to v5.10.90Andrey Zhizhikin
2022-01-06linux-fslc: update to v5.15.13Andrey Zhizhikin
2022-01-05Merge pull request #935 from rafluan/linux-wipOtavio Salvador
2022-01-05linux-fslc: update version to v5.15.12Luan Rafael Carneiro
2021-12-03Merge pull request #933 from zandrey/imx-atf-improvementsOtavio Salvador
2021-12-03imx-atf: enable clang supportAndrey Zhizhikin
2021-12-03imx-atf: remove dependency on C runtimeAndrey Zhizhikin
2021-12-03imx_atf: unexport variables instead of set in compile taskAndrey Zhizhikin
2021-11-24Merge pull request #931 from boundarydevices/masterOtavio Salvador
2021-11-24devregs: bump revision to dcc3e3f2Gary Bisson
2021-11-18Merge pull request #928 from YoeDistro/yoe/mutOtavio Salvador
2021-11-17packagegroup-fsl-isp: Make is machine specificKhem Raj