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3 hoursMerge pull request #1095 from ricardosalveti/nxp89xxHEADmasterOtavio Salvador
kernel-module-nxp89xx: fix compatible machine override
4 hourskernel-module-nxp89xx: fix compatible machine overrideRicardo Salveti
Module should be compatible with imx-nxp-bsp, as it is specific to the nxp-bsp. Signed-off-by: Ricardo Salveti <ricardo@foundries.io>
9 daysMerge pull request #1092 from thochstein/opteeOtavio Salvador
Optee arch small rework
9 daysMerge pull request #1093 from sean-anderson-seco/patch-1Otavio Salvador
rcw: Use SPDX-style license
9 daysrcw: Use SPDX-style licensesean-anderson-seco
Specify the BSD variant used. This fixes the following warning when building on kirkstone: WARNING: rcw-git-r0 do_populate_lic: QA Issue: rcw: No generic license file exists for: BSD in any provider [license-exists] Signed-off-by: Sean Anderson <sean.anderson@seco.com>
9 daysoptee-test: Rework the OPTEE_ARCH logicTom Hochstein
For 32-bit ARM the OPTEE_ARCH assignment using the armv7a override is redundant to the default assignment. Replace both with a single assignment using the arm override. Also, rework the TA_DEV_KIT_DIR build variable using OPTEE_ARCH. Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
9 daysoptee-os: Simplify OPTEE_ARCH assignment for 32-bitTom Hochstein
For 32-bit ARM the OPTEE_ARCH assignment using the armv7a override is redundant to the default assignment. Replace both with a single assignment using the arm override. Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
10 daysMerge pull request #1088 from MaxKrummenacher/masterOtavio Salvador
machines: follow kernel deployment changes
10 daysMerge pull request #1090 from tprrt/tprrt/fix-imx-atf-src-uriOtavio Salvador
imx-atf: fix patch applying
10 daysimx-atf: fix patch applyingThomas Perrot
Correct the name of patch and prepend FILESEXTRAPATHS, in order to fix the following issue: ERROR: imx-atf-2.4+gitAUTOINC+05f788b9bb-r0 do_fetch: Bitbake Fetcher Error: FetchError('Unable to fetch URL from any source.', 'file://0001-alsa-state-Remove-PCM-devices-mapped-by-5.15-kernel.patch') Signed-off-by: Thomas Perrot <thomas.perrot@bootlin.com>
10 daysMerge pull request #1089 from thochstein/imx-atfOtavio Salvador
imx-atf: Suppress array-bounds error
10 daysimx-atf: Suppress array-bounds errorTom Hochstein
The array-bounds error is triggered now in cases where it was silent before, causing errors like: ``` plat/imx/imx8m/hab.c: In function 'imx_hab_handler': plat/imx/imx8m/hab.c:64:57: error: array subscript 0 is outside array bounds of 'uint32_t[0]' {aka 'unsigned int[]'} [-Werror=array-bounds] 64 | #define HAB_RVT_CHECK_TARGET_ARM64 ((unsigned long)*(uint32_t *)(HAB_RVT_BASE + 0x18)) | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ``` It appears that these new cases will be silenced soon in gcc [1], so for now just silence the warning locally as workaround. [1] https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=99578#c39 Fixes: #1084 Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
11 daysmachines: follow kernel deployment changesMax Krummenacher
The kernel binary image is by default deployed into the rootfs, /boot/. openembedded-core changed the way it is done in a not backwards compatible way. I.e. it now RRECOMMENDS instead of RDEPENDS the package which contains the kernel binary image. Commit 1c90b27d2c ("kernel: make kernel-base recommend kernel-image, not depend") So the way to not deploy also changed. Change machines and recipes which want to prevent kernel deployment accordingly. Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <max.krummenacher@toradex.com>
14 daysMerge pull request #1085 from thochstein/optee-imxOtavio Salvador
Optee imx
2022-05-12optee-test: Upgrade to NXP 5.15.5-1.0.0Tom Hochstein
- Fix hard-coded /usr with exec_prefix variable - Parallel make works, remove work around Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-12optee-client: Update branch, same SRCREVTom Hochstein
SRCREV is the same for NXP 5.15.5-1.0.0. Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-12optee-os: Upgrade to NXP 5.15.5-1.0.0Tom Hochstein
- Drop patch 0001-arm-imx-fix-RPMB-header-include.patch that is now upstream - Update platform list - Fix hard-coded /usr/include with includedir variable Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-12Merge pull request #1080 from thochstein/westonOtavio Salvador
Weston upgrade for NXP 5.15.5-1.0.0
2022-05-11xwayland: Add patch to fix fbo pixmap on glamorTom Hochstein
Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-11xwayland: Add patch to prefer GLES2 for glamor EGLTom Hochstein
Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-11xwayland: Drop GLX for i.MX GPUTom Hochstein
i.MX GPU drivers don't support GLX. Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-11xwayland: Rework i.MX GPU configuration variablesTom Hochstein
The design for GPU configuration uses a single input variable for any SOC with GPU and then chooses which SOC to apply it to. A better model uses a single input variable varied on the SOC, then adds it for GPU. Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-11weston: Upgrade to NXP 5.15.5-1.0.0Tom Hochstein
Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-11Merge pull request #1078 from thochstein/graphicsOtavio Salvador
Graphics NXP 5.15.5-1.0.0
2022-05-11imx-g2d-samples: Upgrade 1.0.0 -> 2.0.0Tom Hochstein
This version of samples supports DPU-based G2D, using G2D API 2.0. Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-11imx-dpu-g2d: Upgrade 1.9.4 -> 2.0.0Tom Hochstein
This version uses G2D API 2.0. The sample applications are moved to recipe imx-g2d-samples. Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-11imx-gpu-g2d: Fix install for multilibTom Hochstein
The do_install task doesn't account for multilib. Fix it by using the libdir variable. Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-11imx-gpu-g2d: Upgrade 6.4.3.p2.4 -> 6.4.3.p4.0Tom Hochstein
This version uses G2D API 2.0. Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-11Merge pull request #1075 from tprrt/tprrt/fix-imx8m-lpddr4-bspOtavio Salvador
imx8m: Set LPDDR4 machines to use IMX BSP only
2022-05-11imx8m: Set LPDDR4 machines to use IMX BSP onlyThomas Perrot
This is necessary because mainline U-Boot doesn't supports LPDDR4 for i.MX8M EVK. Also these machines aren't supported by mainline kernel. Signed-off-by: Thomas Perrot <thomas.perrot@bootlin.com>
2022-05-10kernel-module-imx-gpu-viv: Upgrade to 6.4.3.p4.0Tom Hochstein
Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-10imx-gpu-viv: Upgrade to 6.4.3.p4.0Tom Hochstein
For more details see: https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/imx-manifest/tree/GraphicsChangeLogv6?h=imx-linux-kirkstone Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-10Merge pull request #1070 from thochstein/recipes-bspOtavio Salvador
Recipes bsp
2022-05-10imx-vpu-hantro-vc: Upgrade 1.6.0 -> 1.7.0Tom Hochstein
Fixes: 4955219 Update library to latest commit 224712b M865SW-867 [VPU/VC800E] cma-heap memory leak due to not unmap it when close Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-10imx-vpu-hantro-daemon: Upgrade 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2Tom Hochstein
Fixes: fae1b50 M865-696 [VPU/V4L2] encoder: do completed init operation when V4L2_DAEMON_VIDIOC_STREAMON Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-10imx-vpu-hantro: Upgrade 1.24.0 -> 1.25.0Tom Hochstein
Fixes: 67cd762 M865SW-866 [VPU/H1] Potential risk during suspend/resume operation Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-10imx-test: Update for NXP release 5.15.5-1.0.0Tom Hochstein
Fixes: b364c1a MLK-25804: mxc_jpeg_test: change 'yuv420' fourcc to 'V4L2_PIX_FMT_NV12M' to sync driver 5c7ff5e MLK-25811-2 mxc_v4l2_capture: initialize the v4l2 struct to fix potential issues 31e0077 MLK-25811-1 mxc_v4l2_overlay: initialize the v4l2 struct to fix test failure 2d5e360 mxc_dcic_test: Propagate an error code when mmap() fails c9e1bf2 MLK-25801 mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: support according to crop size output g2d convert buffer to file d13b6b9 MLK-25799-2: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: encoder setup output first 9e38023 MLK-25799: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: support imx-jpeg 09ae82b MLK-25780-2 mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: directly ouput decoding file for tile format 868004e MLK-25775-7: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: change nv12mt_8l128 to nv12m_8l128 da97e36 MLK-25782 mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: h264 parser: not set force_extra_on_first 9309c36 MLK-25777-2 mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: set default camera transfer type to V4L2_MEMORY_DMABUF 65fef68 MLK-25780 mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: according crop size output decoding file 4b1f263 MLK-25775-6: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: set decoder fmt correctly 10fe57c MLK-25775-5: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: update all c source file 9543f89 MLK-25775-4: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: support convert 10bit format aea44c5 MLK-25775-3: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: add pixel format i420_10le nv12_10le 7162637 MLK-25775-2: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: support to let decoder choose capture format 0a3c452 MLK-25775-1: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: get num_planes according fmt, not fix it to 2 0b2e896 MLK-25777 mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: add camera option about set buffer type of transfer to sink node 8c9016e MLK-25775: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: close exported v4l2 buffer dma-buf cbee9cc MLK-25773: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: check node.pixelformat with pixel_format enum value 1fd1377 MLK-25772 mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: add disreorder ioctl option to decoder 68049a8 MLK-25763: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: open libg2d using dllopen instead of linking it 52107bb LF-4833: mxc_v4l2_vpu_test: encoder support to set bytesperline Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-10imx-seco-libs: Update for NXP release 5.15.5-1.0.0Tom Hochstein
Fixes: 06a9062 V2XA-767: add a delay for v2x signed msg f0d294b HSM-630: update doc e98a558 HSM-630: Update project name doxyfile c22f003 HSM-630: update version and hsm api doc e0886ae HSM-630: add fast mac flag to use cau for cmac Includes patches: - Fix for multilib - Add v2x_test Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-10imx-seco: Upgrade 3.8.4 -> 3.8.5Tom Hochstein
Fixes: b2babf8 i.MX8 QXP B0/C0 & QM B0 SECO FW v3.8.5 & DXL A1 SECO FW v3.8.5 V2X FW v1.1.4 2e03f7f i.MX8 DXL B0 SECO FW 0.8.4 V2X FW 0.1.4 eng drop Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-10imx-sc-firmware: Upgrade 1.11.0 -> 1.12.1Tom Hochstein
Fixes: c1e35e096 SCF-105: Update RN. 3c65f1fb1 SCF-813 Ensure ROM enabled PLLs are initialized correctly 2998373c6 SCF-105: Update RN. abdd83d5c SCF-105: Update RN. a002b974d SCF-105: Remove DXL B0. 0b11721ef SCF-789 Fix ON->STBY->LP transition issue 1cbc2d6c2 SCF-105: Update dox on IPC timeout. 62e69af4e SCF-105: Update RN. 7737829aa SCF-105: Add details to SC_PM_WAKE_SRC_SCU for early wake source handling 69f83ea76 SCF-105: Update EULA to v34. 018d53b67 SCF-105: Update fnc password. ab24ce7bf SCF-105: Add QXP C0 SIMU test. 614b3f561 SCF-105: Add QXP C0 SIMU test. 2abd76e9c SCF-105: Initial bamboo variable file. b91c1ee8e SCF-105: Update RN. e871c73d4 SCF-808: Add version test. 258b390bd SCF-105: Update RN. 889f0dcdb SCF-105: Update monitor docs. 43644d1cb SCF-105: Add info on FIPS feature removal. 18bccc68a SCF-105: REmove some i.MX85 docs. 5b33cb1a4 SCF-105: Doc updates. 4a7876794 SCF-105: Update RN. 7f22bff5c SCF-794: Support SECO FW v3.8.5 and V2X FW v1.1.4. b1a8b46d2 SCF-805: Prevent V2X in LP mode. Causes serious error. Will also cause issue with DXL B0 freq detect. 9f4ddc055 SCF-105: Update EULA to v33. eb630b838 SCF-105: Add docs on V2X FW power and FW load. 3eb659bb5 SCF-105: RN updates. Script updates. 585a74561 SCF-804: Support DDR ECC for DXL SOC 1e5fbd097 SCF-105: Update RN. d0d36ab21 SCF-105: Update EULA to v32. a89bf18dc SCF-803: Eliminate duplicate call to start the SECO RNG. d8d624879 SCF-802: On partition free, move memory beofre resources. 610f30ef0 SCF-801: Fix typo. d6d0fb2c3 SCF-801: Support FlexSPI0/OCRAM use of IEE. 804b719f0 SCF-105: Dox updates. ba0727054 SCF-105: Fix typo in dox. e6e00e3f6 SCF-105: Update dox on reset. fd949aec8 SCF-105: Change RN to production. 28fa34404 SCF-105: Use release mkimage and yb2. b0acb3cd3 SCF-105: Update EULA to v31. 731604fbc SCF-105: Update RN. 10d101653 SCF-105: Update RN. 75fa9e388 SCF-105: Update RN. 891163a5f SCF-795: Fix issues with V2X clock and reset when V2X=NO. c03b882ef SCF-789: Fix MISRA issue. 7dd13e8da SCF-105: Update RN. fd212dd9e SCF-105: Support RN with no details. 283da46b2 SCF-748: Handle B0 FIPS fuse change. 4fe7a7702 SCF-105: Add some additional docs on the MU IPC reset. 92bfd92d4 SCF-105: Default size test image to U=2. aa74fede0 SCF-789 Fix ON->STBY->LP transition issue 38cbe5dbf SCF-105: Update RN. e62d08214 SCF-105: More dash updates. 7d1610cee SCF-105: Update dashboard. f434eb412 SCF-105: Update RN. c4a63b75e SCF-791: Fix counter issue in PMIC wdog function. 944670a67 SCF-105: Update RN. 233d1f9e1 SCF-790: Update SECO/V2X to 3.8.4 and 1.1.3. 6bcfd281d SCF-789 MISRA fix. 00cb947d8 SCF-105: Update dox on timeout. 6e21296f6 SCF-789 Fix bug with M4 PLL left enabled in LP mode a3fd771ba SCF-788: Disable internal pull-down of LDO when its enabled dda2cbe26 SCF-105: Update docs on DCD use. c29be627f SCF-105: Update typical SCFW boot times and add data for 8DXL 997974d7d SCF-105: REmove accidental changes. d61a2f5cd SCF-105: Update patch info. 362347a63 SCF-105: Update RN. 41540fa9d SCF-105: Update scripts. 4f4a76a51 SCF-786: Fix MISRA issues. 706670792 SCF-786: Added SCFW API call for boot stage. 4bfa2c526 SCF-787: Handle V2X auth fail. f2718a5d4 SCF-786: Support setting boot stage. Add stage command to monitor. 52beceb1c SCF-786: Remove conflicts between SCFW usage of ASMC SRS flags and ROM boot stage 299c06a9f SCF-105: Update to EULA 30. c083b4bb4 SCF-105: Update docs on power deps. 50e4a850f SCF-785: Disable MIPI if DC disabled. e41812371 SCF-784: Minor doc fix. 6fc82c4e4 SCF-105: Update master to 2022q1. Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-10imx-atf: Update for NXP release 5.15.5-1.0.0Tom Hochstein
05f788b9b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ls_v2.4' into lf_v2.4 02bb1add6 fix(layerscape): remove errata a008850 from ls1028a and ls1088a 3ebf7456f LF-5610 imx8ulp: Allow M33 to access IOMUXC1 f382eb7a8 Revert "plat: nxp: add DTB overlay feature" 90c041450 Pull request #46: LF-5468: plat: nxp: add DTB overlay feature 9f4089374 fix(layerscape): update WA for Errata A-050426 cb28c43d7 LF-4650 img-loadr: add to soc.mk of ls1046a ls1043a 4144347a7 plat: nxp: add DTB overlay feature c3acc399c LF-5427 plat:imx8 Fix missed SCU wakeup interrupts 226804c2f LF-5310 plat: imx8ulp: Update the license for upower api 308c8362b drivers: nxp: ddr : Corrects mapping of HNFs nodes with SNFs nodes based on 9a85c04c7 LF-5250 imx8ulp: Fix XRDC setting for EPDC displaying 083dff3d3 LF-5161 imx8ulp: Not power off LPAV PD when LPAV owner is RTD f33d3f495 LF-5160 plat: imx8ulp: Update the upower api 325d64019 LF-5158 plat: imx8m: Revert "LF-5157 plat: imx8m: Fix the boot hang issue on imx8mq/mm/mn" cb58a4554 LF-5157 plat: imx8m: Fix the boot hang issue on imx8mq/mm/mn 1a7ae3b0d LF-5151 plat: imx8m: Backup mr12/14 value from lpddr4 chip 8f63242f8 LF-5149 imx8ulp: Fix XRDC for audio SOF case db16c5d9d LF-5136 imx8ulp: Protect TEE region for secure access only e907c44c7 LF-5118 plat: imx8ulp: Refactor and enable XRDC Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-10imx-mkimage: Update for NXP release 5.15.5-1.0.0Tom Hochstein
22346a3 For iMX8DXL, rename silicon REVISION to REV similar to 8X a8decee LF-4794 iMX8ULP: move OPTEE OS base address to 0xa6000000 62bfe50 Rename the QM/QX/DXL field return targets Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-10firmware-imx: Upgrade 8.14 -> 8.15Tom Hochstein
New firmware binaries are available from NXP as a part of 5.15.5-1.0.0 release. Fixes: 087a196 Updating iMX8M and iMX8QM HDMI and DP TX firmware to version 1.0.64 7e85508 8qxp/qm vpu firmware: decoder 1.7.4 63106fc update epdc firmware for panel ED060XH7U2_VB3300 Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-10EULA,SCR: Update for NXP release 5.15.5-1.0.0Tom Hochstein
Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-09Merge pull request #1071 from thochstein/uboot-configOtavio Salvador
Add uboot configs
2022-05-09imx8mp-lpddr4-evk: Add uboot config ndmTom Hochstein
Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-09imx8mn-ddr4-evk: Add uboot config nomTom Hochstein
Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-09imx8mn-evk: Add uboot config ldTom Hochstein
Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-09imx8dxl-lpddr4-evk: Cleanup BOARD_TYPE assignmentTom Hochstein
The BOARD_TYPE is board-specific, so move it from the .inc to the .conf. Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>
2022-05-09imx8dxl-lpddr4-evk: Add uboot config lcdTom Hochstein
Signed-off-by: Tom Hochstein <tom.hochstein@nxp.com>