AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-15global: replace deprecated distutilstimo/mailing-list-patchesTim Orling
2022-12-15Dockerfile: switch to ubuntu:jammy for >python3.8Michael Halstead
2022-12-15utils.py: Fix for is_commit_ancestor()Robert Yang
2022-12-15admin.py: Remove has_delete_permission()Robert Yang
2022-12-15utils.py: Use get_layer_var() to get BBFILE_COLLECTIONSRobert Yang
2022-12-15Dockerfile: add captcha dependenciesMichael Halstead
2022-04-28layerindex/utils.py: ignore 'core' in BBFILES_COLLECTIONSTim Orling
2022-04-28recipe{desc,parse}.py: BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH_ADDITIONSTim Orling
2022-04-28layerindex/utils.py: add is_commit_ancestor checkTim Orling
2022-04-18layerindex/models.py: add Inactive-UpstreamTim Orling
2022-04-18layerindex/urls.py: fix about url patternTim Orling
2022-01-13templates/*: staticfiles -> statictimo/django-3.2.11Tim Orling
2022-01-13requirements.txt: bump all to latestTim Orling
2022-01-13Dockerfile: add back python2 dependenciesTim Orling
2022-01-13rrs: add 0030_alter_recipeupgrade_maintainer.py miagrationTim Orling
2022-01-13Dockerfile: fix warningsTim Orling
2022-01-13rrs/admin.py: drop curry importTim Orling
2022-01-13README.devel: update versionsTim Orling
2022-01-13docker-compose: fix celeryTim Orling
2022-01-13settings: set DEFAULT_AUTO_FIELDTim Orling
2022-01-13requirements.txt: bump to Django 3.2 LTSTim Orling
2022-01-13requirements.txt: update all to latestTim Orling
2022-01-13docker-compose: bump mariadb to 10.3Tim Orling
2022-01-13requirements.txt: bump to Django 3.1Tim Orling
2022-01-13Updates for Django 3.0Tim Orling
2022-01-13requirements.txt: bump to Django 3.0Tim Orling
2022-01-13layerindex/*: make all shebangs python3Tim Orling
2022-01-13dockersetup.py: letsencrypt 2048 bit rsaTim Orling
2022-01-13Dockerfile: cleanup, install python3-wheelTim Orling
2022-01-13dockersetup.py: fix EMAIL_USE_SSL/TLSTim Orling
2021-10-20Report charset for text & CSV viewspaule/newfixes1Paul Eggleton
2021-10-20about: add Amber & Tim to contributors listPaul Eggleton
2021-10-20rrs: make changes to support Django 2.2Paul Eggleton
2021-10-20utils: ensure we show error messages on server startupPaul Eggleton
2021-10-20update: fix setup of BBLAYERSPaul Eggleton
2021-10-20README.devel: update versionsPaul Eggleton
2021-10-20requirements.txt: set proper version restriction for DjangoPaul Eggleton
2021-04-21Add SPDX license headers to layerindex-web source filesMeh Mbeh Ida Delphine
2020-06-30docker/settings.py: MIDDLEWARETim Orling
2020-06-30Dockerfile: debian 10 "buster" and drop python2Tim Orling
2020-06-30requirements.txt: Updating Django requirement to the 2.2 LTS release.Amber Elliot
2020-06-30Replacing is_authenticated() with is_authenticated for Django upgrade.Amber Elliot
2020-06-30settings.py: Replacing MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES with MIDDLEWARE for Django 2.2 upgr...Amber Elliot
2020-06-30Updating models and imports for Django 2.2 upgrade.Amber Elliot
2020-06-30README: Correcting mailing list.Amber Elliot
2020-02-05Fix backup instructions when large logs are recordedPaul Eggleton
2020-01-06Fix parsing after AVAILABLE_LICENSES changePaul Eggleton
2019-12-20requirements.txt: bump Django version to fix CVE-2019-19844Paul Eggleton
2019-12-09tasks: squash out CRs in task logs to avoid huge transferspaule/fixes15Paul Eggleton
2019-12-09update: ensure removed recipe dependencies are removed from dbPaul Eggleton