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2023-02-23[kirkstone] dev-manual: common-tasks.rst: add link to FOSDEM 2023 videoyocto-4.0.8kirkstone-4.0.8Michael Opdenacker
2023-02-23system-requirements.rst: add Fedora 36 and AlmaLinux 8.7 to list of supported...Steve Sakoman
2023-02-14[kirkstone] manuals: update patchwork instance URLMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-13[kirkstone] bsp-guide: fix broken git URLs and missing wordMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-13[kirkstone] profile-manual: update WireShark hyperlinksMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-13[kirkstone] migration-guides: add release-notes for 4.0.7Lee Chee Yang
2023-02-09[kirkstone] ref-manual: document SSTATE_EXCLUDEDEPS_SYSROOTMichael Opdenacker
2023-02-07[kirkstone] dev-manual: fix old override syntaxMichael Opdenacker
2023-01-09[kirkstone] manuals: document SPDX_PRETTY variableyocto-4.0.7kirkstone-4.0.7Michael Opdenacker
2023-01-06[kirkstone] docs: kernel-dev: faq: update tip on how to not include kernel in...Quentin Schulz
2023-01-06[kirstone] docs: migration-4.0: specify variable name change for kernel inclu...Quentin Schulz
2023-01-05[kirkstone] manuals: add 4.0.5 and 4.0.6 release notesMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-02[kirkstone] SPDX and CVE documentation updatesyocto-4.0.6kirkstone-4.0.6Michael Opdenacker
2022-12-01common-tasks.rst: fix oeqa runtime test pathMikko Rapeli
2022-10-06[kirkstone] dev-manual: fix reference to BitBake user manualyocto-4.0.5kirkstone-4.0.5Michael Opdenacker
2022-10-06[kirkstone] migration-guides: add 4.0.4 release notesMichael Opdenacker
2022-10-03[kirkstone] update version requirementsMichael Opdenacker
2022-09-13system-requirements.rst: Add Ubuntu 22.04 to list of supported distrosyocto-4.0.4kirkstone-4.0.4Steve Sakoman
2022-08-30[kirkstone]: migration guides: add missing release notesMichael Opdenacker
2022-08-29[kirkstone] ref-manual: add numa to machine featuresJon Mason
2022-07-20[kirkstone] ref-manual: variables: remove sphinx directive from literal blockyocto-4.0.3kirkstone-4.0.3Michael Opdenacker
2022-07-20[kirkstone] docs: BB_HASHSERVE_UPSTREAM: update to new hostMichael Opdenacker
2022-06-27[kirkstone] manuals: switch to the sstate mirror shared between all versionsyocto-4.0.2kirkstone-4.0.2Michael Opdenacker
2022-04-29[kirkstone] migration-guides: release-notes-4.0: mention LTS releaseyocto-4.0.1kirkstone-4.0.1Michael Opdenacker
2022-04-27[kirkstone] migration-guides: stop including documents with ".. include"Nicolas Dechesne
2022-04-26set_versions: update for 4.0 releaseMichael Halstead
2022-04-25releases: update for yocto 4.0Michael Halstead
2022-04-24migration-guides: release-notes-4.0: update 'Repositories / Downloads' sectionLee Chee Yang
2022-04-22docs: migration-guides: release-notes-4.0: replace kernel placeholder with co...Quentin Schulz
2022-04-22docs: migration-guides: release-notes-4.0: fix risc-v typoQuentin Schulz
2022-04-22docs: migration-guides: migration-3.4: mention that hardcoded password are su...Quentin Schulz
2022-04-22docs: ref-manual: variables: add hashed password example in EXTRA_USERS_PARAMSQuentin Schulz
2022-04-22docs: fix cve extlinks caption for sphinx <4.0Quentin Schulz
2022-04-22ref-manual: add ZSTD_THREADSPaul Eggleton
2022-04-22ref-manual: Add XZ_THREADS and XZ_MEMLIMITRichard Purdie
2022-04-22migration-guides: add release notes for 4.0Paul Eggleton
2022-04-22migration-guides: complete migration guide for 4.0Paul Eggleton
2022-04-22ref-manual: add empty-dirs QA check and QA_EMPTY_DIRS*Paul Eggleton
2022-04-22ref-manual: add KERNEL_DEBUG_TIMESTAMPSPaul Eggleton
2022-04-22ref-manual: add mention of vendor filtering to CVE_PRODUCTPaul Eggleton
2022-04-22ref-manual: mention wildcarding support in INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSEPaul Eggleton
2022-04-22ref-manual: add a note about hard-coded passwordsPaul Eggleton
2022-04-22migration-3.4: add missing entry on EXTRA_USERS_PARAMSPaul Eggleton
2022-04-20docs: sphinx-static: do not mark branches as outdatedQuentin Schulz
2022-04-20docs: sphinx-static: fix broken switcher for branchesQuentin Schulz
2022-04-20docs: sphinx-static: rename all_versions to switcher_versionsQuentin Schulz
2022-04-20docs: mark as obsolete only branches and old tags from obsol...Quentin Schulz
2022-04-20docs: update Bitbake objects.inv location for master branchQuentin Schulz
2022-04-19docs: fix latest version of an active release shown as obsoleteQuentin Schulz
2022-04-19docs: fix latest release of a branch being shown twice in sw...Quentin Schulz