AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 hoursmigration-guides: release-notes-5.0: update docs highlightsHEADmasterMichael Opdenacker
22 hoursdev-manual/debugging: mention new ``taskexp_ncurses`` optionMichael Opdenacker
23 hoursmanuals: remove tab charactersMichael Opdenacker
23 hoursrelease-notes-5.0: documentation highlightsMichael Opdenacker
23 hoursrelease-notes-5.0: mention cmake-qemu.bbclassJoao Marcos Costa
23 hoursrelease-notes-5.0: add updatesJoao Marcos Costa
2 daysref-manual/variables: add new variables for v5.0Joao Marcos Costa
2 daysrelease-notes-5.0: document some cve, strace and qa changesYoann Congal
3 daysref-manual: variables: document CVE_DB_INCR_UPDATE_AGE_THRES variableYoann Congal
4 dayskernel-dev: join mkdir commands with -pscarthgapJörg Sommer
7 daysmigration-guides: add missing opening tag colonMichael Opdenacker
7 daysmanuals: fix incorrect double backticksMichael Opdenacker
7 daysmanuals: fix trailing spacesMichael Opdenacker
7 daysmanuals: add initial sphinx-lint supportMichael Opdenacker
7 daysrelease-notes updates for 5.0Joao Marcos Costa
7 daysmigration updates for 5.0Joao Marcos Costa
7 daysclasses: document new go-vendor classJoao Marcos Costa
9 daysmigration-guides: add release notes for 4.3.4Lee Chee Yang
10 daysmanuals: fix duplicate "stylecheck" targetMichael Opdenacker
2024-03-29manuals: refer to new yocto-patches mailing list wherever appropriateQuentin Schulz
2024-03-29docs: conf.py: properly escape backslashes for latex_elementsQuentin Schulz
2024-03-28release-notes-4.0.17: reorder CVEsLee Chee Yang
2024-03-19dev-manual: improve descriptions of 'bitbake -S printdiff'Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-19dev/ref-manual: document conf-summary.txt together with conf-notes.txtAlexander Kanavin
2024-03-19sdk-manual: correctly describe separate build-sysroots tasks in direct sdk wo...Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-19ref-manual: add documentation of the variable SPDX_NAMESPACE_PREFIXBELOUARGA Mohamed
2024-03-15profile-manual: usage.rst: further style improvementsMichael Opdenacker
2024-03-15manuals: add initial stylechecks with ValeMichael Opdenacker
2024-03-15contributor-guide: be more specific about meta-* treesMartin Jansa
2024-03-15migration-guides: add release notes for 4.0.17Lee Chee Yang
2024-03-14migration-guides: draft notes for upcoming release 5.0Michael Opdenacker
2024-03-14documentation: Makefile: remove releases.rst in "make clean"Michael Opdenacker
2024-03-14profile-manual: usage.rst: fix reference to bug reportMichael Opdenacker
2024-03-14manuals: use "manual page(s)"Michael Opdenacker
2024-03-14profile-manual: usage.rst: formatting fixesMichael Opdenacker
2024-03-14manuals: add initial stylechecks with ValeMichael Opdenacker
2024-03-13ref-manual: classes: update description of class 'image_types'Ulrich Ölmann
2024-03-06dev-manual: bmaptool: renameTrevor Woerner
2024-03-06manuals: document VIRTUAL-RUNTIME variablesMichael Opdenacker
2024-03-06contributor-guide: add notes for testsSimone Weiß
2024-03-06dev-manual: packages: fix capitalizationMichael Opdenacker
2024-03-06ref-manual: variables: adding multiple groups in GROUPADD_PARAMGeoff Parker
2024-03-06ref-manual: variables: correct sdk installation default pathJohan Bezem
2024-03-06ref-manual: tasks: do_cleansstate: recommend using '-f' instead for a shared ...Luca Ceresoli
2024-03-06ref-manual: tasks: do_cleanall: recommend using '-f' insteadLuca Ceresoli
2024-03-06ref-manual: classes: add cve status check for oe.qaSimone Weiß
2024-02-24dev-manual: packages: need enough free spaceMichael Opdenacker
2024-02-24dev-manual: packages: clarify shared PR service constraintMichael Opdenacker
2024-02-24sdk-manual: extensible.rst: cover devtool ide-sdkAdrian Freihofer
2024-02-24ref-manual: variables: remove PYTHON_PNKhem Raj