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15 hoursdev-manual/runtime-testing.rst: fix oeqa runtime test pathHEADmaster-nextmasterMikko Rapeli
7 daysdev-manual/sbom.rst: minor correctionsMichael Opdenacker
7 daysmanuals: split dev-manual/common-tasks.rstMichael Opdenacker
7 daysmigration-guides: add release-notes for 4.1.1Chee Yang Lee
8 daysmanuals: simplify .gitignore filesMichael Opdenacker
10 daysref-manual/classes.rst: remove reference to sip.bbclassMichael Opdenacker
10 daysmanuals: fix paragraphs with the "inherit" wordMichael Opdenacker
10 daysmanuals: add missing references to classesMichael Opdenacker
11 daysqemu.rst: slirp port forwarding detailsAtanas Bunchev
2022-11-10release-notes: use oe_git and yocto_git macrosMichael Opdenacker
2022-11-10ref-manual/variables.rst: expand PARALLEL_MAKE descriptionMichael Opdenacker
2022-11-10ref-manual/variables.rst: expand BB_NUMBER_THREADS descriptionMichael Opdenacker
2022-11-10qemu.rst: audio: reference to Command-Line optionsAtanas Bunchev
2022-11-08docs: poky.yaml.in: remove pylint3 from Ubuntu/Debian host dependenciesQuentin Schulz
2022-11-08docs: ref-manual: classes: add missing closing parenthesisQuentin Schulz
2022-11-08docs: ref-manual: classes: fix section name for github-releasesQuentin Schulz
2022-11-08migration guides: add release notes for 4.0.5Lee Chee Yang
2022-11-04manuals: add shortcut for Wikipedia linksMichael Opdenacker
2022-11-03manuals: remove xterm requirementsPaulo Neves
2022-11-02manuals: document "mime-xdg" class and MIME_XDG_PACKAGESMichael Opdenacker
2022-11-02ref-manual: terms.rst: add reference to new SBOM/SPDX section in dev manualMichael Opdenacker
2022-11-02ref-manual: classes.rst: expand documentation of create-spdx classMichael Opdenacker
2022-11-02dev-manual: common-tasks.rst: add section about SPDX / SBOM generationMichael Opdenacker
2022-11-02ref-manual: variables.rst: document spdx-create class variablesMichael Opdenacker
2022-11-02ref-manual: terms.rst: add SBOM and SPDX termsMichael Opdenacker
2022-11-01dev-manual: common-tasks.rst: fix typosUlrich Ölmann
2022-10-28manuals: use references to the "Build Directory" termMichael Opdenacker
2022-10-28manuals: add missing references to SDKMACHINE and SDK_ARCHMichael Opdenacker
2022-10-28manuals: stop referring to the meta-openembedded repo from GitHubMichael Opdenacker
2022-10-28manuals: replace "_" by "__" in external linksMichael Opdenacker
2022-10-28Documentation/README: formalize guidelines for external link syntaxMichael Opdenacker
2022-10-28dev-manual: common-tasks.rst: refactor and improve "Checking for Vulnerabilit...Mikko Rapeli
2022-10-26dev-manual: common-tasks.rst: add regular updates and CVE scans to security b...Mikko Rapeli
2022-10-26ref-manual: classes.rst: improve documentation for cve-check.bbclassMikko Rapeli
2022-10-26ref-manual: variables.rst: add documentation for CVE_VERSIONMikko Rapeli
2022-10-25ref-manual: add info on buildtools-make-tarballPaul Eggleton
2022-10-25ref-manual: add wic command bootloader ptable optionAdrian Freihofer
2022-10-25migration-guides/release-notes-4.1.rst: update Repositories / Downloadsyocto-4.1.1langdale-4.1.1contrib/langdale-nextLee Chee Yang
2022-10-25docs: add support for langdale (4.1) releaseQuentin Schulz
2022-10-25migration-guides/release-notes-4.1.rst: update Repositories / DownloadsLee Chee Yang
2022-10-24ref-manual: classes.rst: add links to all references to a classMichael Opdenacker
2022-10-20manuals: updates for building on Windows (WSL 2)Michael Opdenacker
2022-10-20release-notes-4.1.rst remove bitbake-layers subcommand argumentTakayasu Ito
2022-10-19migration-guides: use contributor real nameMichael Opdenacker
2022-10-19manuals: fix misc typosMichael Opdenacker
2022-10-18migration-guides/release-notes-4.1.rst: add more known issuesRoss Burton
2022-10-17migration-guides: add known issues for 4.1Ross Burton
2022-10-12sdk-manual: correct the bitbake target for a unified sysroot buildAlexander Kanavin
2022-10-12migration-guides: use contributor real nameMichael Opdenacker
2022-10-12ref-manual: faq.rst: reorganize into subsections, contents at topMichael Opdenacker