PSplash is a userspace graphical boot splash screen for mainly
embedded Linux devices supporting a 16bpp or 32bpp framebuffer. It has
few dependencies (just libc), supports basic images and text and handles
rotation. Its visual look is configurable by basic source changes.

Also included is a 'client' command utility for sending information to
psplash such as boot progress information.

To contribute to this layer you should submit the patches for review to the
mailing list (yocto@yoctoproject.org).

Please refer to
for some useful guidelines to be followed when submitting patches.

Mailing list:

When creating patches, please use something like:
    git format-patch -M -s --subject-prefix='psplash][PATCH' origin

When sending patches, please use something like:
    git send-email --to yocto@lists.yoctoproject.org <generated patch>