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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-03-25Merge in ports workPeter Seebach
2011-02-08Expand paths on exec.Peter Seebach
2010-12-16Restructure wrapfuncs.cMark Hatle
2010-12-13Further amend the system to enable/disable sudo during fork/exec.Mark Hatle
2010-12-132010-12-08:Mark Hatle
2010-12-07This is a merge of several commits from a tree which turned out toPeter Seebach
2010-12-02Major shift: Fix execl*(), allow enabling/disabling pseudo withPeter Seebach
2010-10-11Add the other *xattr() wrappers (all ENOTSUP) for consistency.Peter Seebach
2010-10-06Add the fsetxattr wrapper to return ENOTSUPMark Hatle
2010-09-16The exec*() functions were inconsistent about the name of their firstPeter Seebach
2010-09-08Fix mkfifoat() to not always failPeter Seebach
2010-09-02Wait, the man page says we give ERANGE for that, not ENAMETOOLONG.Peter Seebach
2010-08-31Fix an error message which was mostly-harmless but still clearly aPeter Seebach
2010-08-25Initial attempt at fixing problems with SIGCHLD being blockedseebs
2010-08-17Draft one effort at making unlink more robust and fixing an obviousseebs
2010-08-16A few minor fixes:seebs
2010-08-12Fix for libpseudo.so when using $(SUFFIX), correct a note in guts/README.seebs
2010-08-11Document new variables.Peter Seebach
2010-08-11Enable local variable cacheMark Hatle
2010-08-11Enable execl, execle, execlp, execv, and execvp wrappersMark Hatle
2010-06-21Add mkstemp64(). Also, check in the man page for the NOSYMLINKEXPPeter Seebach
2010-06-02Provide a hook to disable symlink "fixing".Peter Seebach
2010-05-17Add getxattr/lgetxattr. Note that we don't need to supportPeter Seebach
2010-05-04Finish fixing execve()Peter Seebach
2010-04-30Miscellaneous cleanup.Peter Seebach
2010-04-27Fix link(), improve startup performance.Peter Seebach
2010-04-26Handle execve() betterPeter Seebach
2010-04-26Remove obsolete symlink stuff from fxstatat.Peter Seebach
2010-04-26Handle rename(3) across devices.Peter Seebach
2010-04-26Reduce race condition for unlinks.Peter Seebach
2010-04-26Miscellaneous fixes:Peter Seebach
2010-04-26Add lckpwdf()/ulckpwdf().Peter Seebach
2010-04-05Make glob work.Peter Seebach
2010-03-30Fix copyright information.Peter Seebach
2010-03-30Implement getgroups(), so id(1) will work.Peter Seebach
2010-03-29Add password/group call emulation.Peter Seebach
2010-03-26Add support for intercepting execve()Peter Seebach
2010-03-26Track file open flagsPeter Seebach
2010-03-26Updates: Enable additional warnings, fix a number of things.Peter Seebach
2010-03-26Use NULL instead of 0Peter Seebach
2010-03-25initial chroot() supportPeter Seebach
2010-03-24Prep for chroot handling:Peter Seebach
2010-03-16initial public releasePeter Seebach