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2012-08-02Remove the _plain thing, use PSEUDO_STATBUF everywhere.Peter Seebach
2012-07-27Use .tar.bz2 tarballpseudo-1.4PSEUDO_1_4Peter Seebach
2012-07-20tag 1.4Peter Seebach
2012-07-20Don't try to learn all the architecture-specific flagsPeter Seebach
2012-06-281.3.1 tagPeter Seebach
2012-04-10First pass at smarter handling of multilib compile optionsPeter Seebach
2012-03-27call this 1.3pseudo-1.3PSEUDO_1_3Peter Seebach
2012-03-27Allow static sqlitePeter Seebach
2012-03-27Configuration cleanup for OE-core:Peter Seebach
2011-11-02Name this 1.2pseudo-1.2PSEUDO_1_2Peter Seebach
2011-06-061.1.1 releasePeter Seebach
2011-06-02Call this "version 1.1".Peter Seebach
2011-05-02Accept --libdirColin Walters
2011-03-25Merge in ports workPeter Seebach
2011-02-01... and pseudodb needs -ldlpseudo-1.0PSEUDO_1_0Peter Seebach
2011-02-01Oh, sqlite needs -lpthread sometimesPeter Seebach
2011-02-01Fix linkage issues due to missing -ldlPeter Seebach
2010-12-16The maketables thing made it possible for some modules to get builtPeter Seebach
2010-11-30Major shift: All the id_t types have been reworked so that theyPeter Seebach
2010-11-18Messing with makewrappers: Move templating code out (for planned usePeter Seebach
2010-10-11Major change: Replace the shell-based makewrappers with a PythonPeter Seebach
2010-09-15In the WR Linux build system, we build host tools (including pseudo)Peter Seebach
2010-09-02Add -Wl,-R$(SQLITE)/lib so we can find libsqlite3 if it wasn'tPeter Seebach
2010-08-12Fix for libpseudo.so when using $(SUFFIX), correct a note in guts/README.seebs
2010-08-11Enable local variable cacheMark Hatle
2010-08-11Add convenience rules for building individual pseudo components.Mark Hatle
2010-08-04Add new environment values to allow easy override of default locationsMark Hatle
2010-08-04Allow CFLAGS to be set in the environment.Mark Hatle
2010-08-04Fix parallel buildsMark Hatle
2010-08-04Fix the MakefileMark Hatle
2010-07-30Add basic test harness to test pseudoKonrad Scherer
2010-06-28Remove PSEUDO_SUFFIX from sourcePeter Seebach
2010-04-27Fix -P in pseudolog.Peter Seebach
2010-04-26Add sanity checkPeter Seebach
2010-04-05Shuffle some code around.Peter Seebach
2010-03-26Updates: Enable additional warnings, fix a number of things.Peter Seebach
2010-03-24Prep for chroot handling:Peter Seebach
2010-03-16initial public releasePeter Seebach