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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-10-18wic/ checking the existance of syslinuxHongxu Jia
2014-10-10oe-git-proxy: use SOCKS4a instead of SOCKS4Ross Burton
2014-09-23wic: add sdimage-bootpart kickstart fileMaciej Borzecki
2014-09-23wic: add new bootimg-partition pluginMaciej Borzecki
2014-09-23wic: set bootimg_dir when using image-name artifactsMaciej Borzecki
2014-09-23wic: fix vfat partition sector count only if neededMaciej Borzecki
2014-09-23wic: use IMAGE_EXTRA_SPACE for vfat rootfsMaciej Borzecki
2014-09-23wic: minor comment updateMaciej Borzecki
2014-09-17sstatesig/sstate: Add support for locked down sstate cache usageRichard Purdie
2014-09-10wic: Completely remove all urlgrabber referencesTom Zanussi
2014-09-03scripts/contrib/build-perf-test: Update eglibc -> glibcRichard Purdie
2014-09-03scripts/create-recipe: minor fixesYi Zhao
2014-08-23wic: do not realign aligned partitionsMaciej Borzecki
2014-08-23wic: do not steal sectors from the first partitionMaciej Borzecki
2014-08-15wic: include partition label in fs image file nameMaciej Borzecki
2014-08-15wic: Add mkgummidisk kickstart fileTom Zanussi
2014-08-15wic: Add sourceparams to mkefidisk.wksTom Zanussi
2014-08-15wic: Add gummiboot support to bootimg-efiTom Zanussi
2014-08-15wic: Parse and pass sourceparams to partition plugin methodsTom Zanussi
2014-08-15wic: Add sourceparam param to partition plugin methodsTom Zanussi
2014-08-15wic: Add utility function for parsing sourceparamsTom Zanussi
2014-08-15wic: Add '--sourceparams' partition optionTom Zanussi Improve to use it from CIMartin Jansa
2014-08-11test-dependencies, insane.bbclass: improve the messageMartin Jansa
2014-08-11wic: Bump the version to 2.0Tom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Rename /mic to /wicTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Update Disk descriptionTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Rename MountErrorTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Rename PartitionedMountTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Update/rename configure-related codeTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Update/rename install-related codeTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Update cleanup/unmount-related codeTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Update/rename/delete mount-related codeTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Remove Mount objectTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Remove unused conf supportTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Update 'Background and Motivation' help sectionTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Remove unused command versioning supportTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Clean up CreatorTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Clean up PartitionedMountTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Clean up DirectImageCreatorTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Clean up BaseImageCreatorTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Remove unused plugin and error codeTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Remove gpt_parserTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Remove unused 3rdparty/commandsTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Remove 3rdparty/urlgrabberTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Remove unused misc codeTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Remove unused fs_related codeTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Remove rpmmiscTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Remove proxy supportTom Zanussi
2014-08-11wic: Remove grabber implementationTom Zanussi