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2011-02-11lttng-control: Fix SRC_URL to point at lttng.orgbernard-5.0-alphaSaul Wold
2011-02-11puzzles: Update to r9084Saul Wold
2011-02-11sstate: Fix bugs after new fetcherZhai Edwin
2011-02-11meta: Update mirror urls to new format and update yocto project urlsRichard Purdie Fix package name to match PACKAGESRichard Purdie
2011-02-10fetch2: Correct the clean() mechanism for the fetcher2 codeSaul Wold
2011-02-10xkeyboard-config: make depend on intltool-nativeDarren Hart
2011-02-10local.conf.sample: Drop some comments about things that either no longer appl...Richard Purdie
2011-02-10mesa-dri-7.10: add missing dependency makedependYu Ke
2011-02-10mesa-xlib-7.10: add missing dependency makedependYu Ke
2011-02-10rm_work.bbclass: Fix typo for package task directory preservationRichard Purdie
2011-02-10task-poky-apps-x11-pimlico: Webkit is huge and the compile time means it does...Richard Purdie
2011-02-10util-linux: Correctly prepend to PACKAGES and stop corrupting linux-util-nati...Richard Purdie
2011-02-10ncurses: Apply unifdef-native dependency to the task that uses it, not globallyRichard Purdie
2011-02-10package.bbclass: Only set recrdeptask for do_build if packaging is enabled fo...Richard Purdie
2011-02-10debian.bbclass: Only set rdeptask for do_package if packaging is enabledRichard Purdie
2011-02-10pseudo: Add and use the 1.0 release versionRichard Purdie
2011-02-10lttng-ust: fix ppc build by removing ppc specific time reading functionDexuan Cui
2011-02-10image-swab: Convert to attach strace to the process to obtain the required sw...Richard Purdie
2011-02-09Misc hard link fixesMark Hatle
2011-02-09package.bbclass: Preserve hard links!Mark Hatle
2011-02-09lib.oe.path: Update copytree function to call shell commands since its twice ...Richard Purdie
2011-02-09talloc: remove talloc recipeYu Ke
2011-02-09mesa-xlib: upgrade to 7.10Yu Ke
2011-02-09mesa-7.10: set mesa 7.10 as default instead of 7.8.2Yu Ke
2011-02-09mesa-dri-7.10: replace GPLv3 talloc with MIT-x licensed rallocYu Ke
2011-02-09image-mklibs.bbclass: add the library optimization functionalityNitin A Kamble
2011-02-09makedepend: remove # from the beginning of DESCRIPTION linesSaul Wold add openssl to DEPENDSScott Garman
2011-02-09prelink: add transfig-native to DEPENDSScott Garman
2011-02-09transfig: new recipe v3.2.5dScott Garman
2011-02-09imake: add native support to recipe and update DEPENDSScott Garman
2011-02-09libxpm: add native support to recipeScott Garman
2011-02-09libxext: add native support to recipeScott Garman
2011-02-09xorg-cf-files: new recipe v1.0.4Scott Garman
2011-02-09uboot: move license data into recipe with SRC_URIDarren Hart
2011-02-09uboot: build with -O2 on all architecturesDarren Hart
2011-02-09kernel.bbclass: use defconfig if it existsDarren Hart don't overwrite an existing uImageDarren Hart
2011-02-09u-boot: compile with -O2 on PowerPCIlya Yanok
2011-02-09u-boot: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUMIlya Yanok
2011-02-09linux/u-boot: Update LICENSE fields to specify GPL versionRichard Purdie
2011-02-09linux: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUMIlya Yanok
2011-02-09Merge branch 'jzhang/i686' of ssh:// Purdie
2011-02-09Merge branch 'jzhang/adt-repo' of ssh:// Purdie
2011-02-09mpc8315-rdb: add dtb generation configurationBruce Ashfield
2011-02-09dtc: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM to dtc-nativeBruce Ashfield
2011-02-09linux: factor dts/dtc/dtb handling into a specific includeBruce Ashfield
2011-02-09linux-yocto: streamline BSP bootstrappingBruce Ashfield
2011-02-09linux-yocto: streamline BSP bootstrappingBruce Ashfield