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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-21siteinfo: Define data for ARCAlexey Brodkin
2018-06-04site/powerpc64-linux: add cvs_cv_func_printf_ptrRobert Yang
2018-03-25site/risc-v: Cache common variables to build libIDLKhem Raj
2018-03-15site/riscv: Shunt the realloc configure test for startup-notificationKhem Raj
2018-02-16site/common-linux: coreutils: get the uptime program to workSean Nyekjaer
2018-01-14site/*-linux: don't cache ac_cv_sizeof_boolIoan-Adrian Ratiu
2018-01-04site/common: Allow ac_cv_path_SED to be overridden2.5_M1Richard Purdie
2017-12-10site: consolidate ac_cv_func_mmap_fixed_mapped definitionsRoss Burton
2017-11-21site/microblaze-linux: Add MicroBlaze linux site infoNathan Rossi
2017-11-05site: Add riscv32 and riscv64Khem Raj
2017-10-07siteinfo: nios2-linux - remove wrong mutex infoJuro Bystricky
2017-08-16site/ix86-common: Drop ac_cv_sizeof_ino_t as it can be incorrect with large f...Richard Purdie
2017-06-22meta: Remove further uclibc remnants (inc. patches and site files)Richard Purdie
2016-10-07siteinfo.bbclass: Add mipsisa{32, 64}r6{el, } supportZubair Lutfullah Kakakhel
2016-10-01mips64-linux: set ac_cv_sizeof_ssize_t for mips64elZubair Lutfullah Kakakhel
2016-07-20site: Move rsync_cv_HAVE_C99_VSNPRINTF to common-linuxKhem Raj
2016-04-12meta/site: remove sizeof_off_tRoss Burton
2016-03-28site: Cache config vars for ccacheKhem Raj
2016-03-20siteinfo: Move apr configure cache to common-linuxKhem Raj
2015-12-14site/common-linux: Add some macros to avoid sleeps during configureRichard Purdie
2015-09-23siteinfo: Add nios2-linuxMarek Vasut
2015-07-23common-glibc: define bash_cv_getcwd_mallocJoe Slater
2014-12-23siteinfo: account for 32 and 64 bit armJoe Slater
2014-08-18site/common-darwin: Really fix common-darwin typoRichard Purdie
2014-08-15site: Add common-darwinRichard Purdie
2014-07-19common-mingw: force ac_cv_func_mmap_fixed_mapped=noRichard Tollerton
2014-06-01siteinfo, insane: Recognize musl specific tripletsKhem Raj
2014-03-17mips64-linux: set ac_cv_sizeof_ssize_tValentin Popa
2014-01-28unfs3, unfs-server: Replace all instances of unfs-server with unfs3Jason Wessel
2013-12-14site: add xorg_cv_malloc0_returns_nullRoss Burton
2013-09-30native: Use a native site file and ensure the correct sed is usedRichard Purdie
2013-09-26gcc/libtool/perl: Fix various path to sed-native problemsRichard Purdie
2013-07-05apr_cv_mutex_recursive=yes added to to make rosnodes workvictor
2013-06-13site: add more alignment values for at-spi2-coreRoss Burton
2013-05-30powerpc64-linux: Update cached autoconf value for apr on powerpc64Zhenhua Luo
2013-04-05site/common-uclibc: add predefined configure vars for coreutilsHenning Heinold
2013-04-04site: add endianness information for libmemcachedMarcin Juszkiewicz
2013-02-13site/x32-linux: Specify double alignmentRichard Purdie
2013-01-21site: add x86-32/64 alignment values for at-spi2-coreRoss Burton
2013-01-09site/common: deactivate a runtime check for ipv6-support in python >=2.7.1 th...Lukas Bulwahn
2012-12-03site/common-linux: move ac_cv_o_nonblock_inherited to site/common-linuxRoy.Li
2012-07-02site/common-linux: fix incorrect size of pid_t for aprPaul Eggleton
2012-06-18site/x86_64-linux-uclibc: Cache definitions of guint32/guint64Khem Raj
2012-05-21site/sh-common: Add missing caches variables to build glib-2.32Khem Raj
2012-05-21site: Add mips64 eglibc and uclibc site filesKhem Raj
2012-05-07site/arm-common: alignment values for guin32, guin64 and unsigned longTomas Frydrych
2012-05-07site/powerpc-common: alignment values for guin32, guin64 and unsigned longSaul Wold
2012-05-07site/mips-common: alignment values for guin32, guin64 and unsigned longSaul Wold
2012-05-03site/ix86-common, site/x86_64-linux: alignment values for guin32, guin64 and ...Martin Jansa
2012-04-26evolation-data-server: Rename from eds-dbusSaul Wold