AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-16kexec: arm64: disabled check if kaslr-seed dtb property was wipedAlexander Kamensky
2020-11-16weston: add pam to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURESMartin Jansa
2020-11-16gpgme: use python3targetconfigAlexander Kanavin
2020-11-16meta: drop _PYTHON_SYSCONFIGDATA_NAME hacksAlexander Kanavin
2020-11-16distutils3-base.bbclass: use python3targetconfigAlexander Kanavin
2020-11-16python3-pycairo: use python3targetconfigAlexander Kanavin
2020-11-16python3: split python target configuration into own classAlexander Kanavin
2020-11-16dbus: split -common and -tools out of main packageLuca Boccassi
2020-11-16kernel: provide for out of tree builds in v5.10+Bruce Ashfield
2020-11-13sphinx: releases: add link to 3.1.3Nicolas Dechesne Improve TOC and Outline depth in PDF outputPaul Barker
2020-11-13libbsd: Remove BSD-4-Clause from main packageMark Jonas
2020-11-13mesa: Add xcb-fixes to loader when using x11 and dri3Tom Hochstein
2020-11-13systemtap: split runtime material in its own packageYann Dirson
2020-11-13systemtap: fix install when python3-probes is disabled in PACKAGECONFIGYann Dirson
2020-11-13systemtap: clarify the relation between exporter and python3-probes featureYann Dirson
2020-11-13systemtap: remove extra dependenciesYann Dirson
2020-11-13systemtap: split examples and python scripts out of main packageYann Dirson
2020-11-13layer.conf: fix syntax error in PATH settingMatt Madison
2020-11-13gdb: add PACKAGECONFIG for xz (lzma) compression supportDan Callaghan
2020-11-13systemd: Fix systemd when used with busybox lessAlban Bedel Disable LTO for webkitKhem Raj
2020-11-13libsdl2: Disable video-rpiRandy MacLeod
2020-11-13gawk: Avoid using host ar during cross compileKhem Raj
2020-11-13lrzsz: Use Cross AR during compileKhem Raj
2020-11-13Revert "rt-tests: Enable only for x86/ppc64 architectures"Peter Bergin
2020-11-13rt-tests: backport patch that enable build for all archsPeter Bergin
2020-11-12poky.yaml: updates for 3.2Nicolas Dechesne
2020-11-12poky.yaml: remove unused variablesNicolas Dechesne
2020-11-12documentation: Add Pipenv supportJoshua Watt
2020-11-12overview-manual-concepts: Fix the compiler bootstrap processRichard Purdie
2020-11-11poky/conf-notes.txt: mention more important images than just satoAlexander Kanavin
2020-11-11bitbake: cookerdata: tweak to avoid mutable default argumentChris Laplante
2020-11-11bitbake: bb.ui: delete to make bb.ui a namespace packageChris Laplante
2020-11-11bitbake: main: extract creation of argument parser into function so it can be...Chris Laplante
2020-11-11binutils: reproducibility: reuse debug-prefix-map for stabsDenys Zagorui
2020-11-11testimage: print results for interrupted runsKonrad Weihmann
2020-11-11oeqa/core/context: initialize _run_end_timeKonrad Weihmann
2020-11-11oeqa/core/context: expose results as variableKonrad Weihmann
2020-11-11openssh: whitelist CVE-2014-9278Steve Sakoman
2020-11-11webkitgtk: fix build with ICU 68.1Ross Burton
2020-11-11libical: backport a patch to fix build with ICU 68.1Ross Burton
2020-11-11icu: upgrade 67.1 -> 68.1zangrc
2020-11-11openssl: Add c_rehash to misc package and add perl runtime dependencyFederico Pellegrin
2020-11-11add new extrausers command passwd-expireJoseph Reynolds
2020-11-11iproute2: upgrade 5.8.0 -> 5.9.0zangrc
2020-11-11python3: Update manifestAlejandro Hernandez Samaniego
2020-11-11wayland-utils: introduce a recipeAlexander Kanavin
2020-11-11weston-init: fall back to fbdev under x32Alexander Kanavin
2020-11-11weston-init: correctly start under systemdAlexander Kanavin