AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-18manuals: prepare 4.2 migration notesMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18documentation/ update minimum python version to 3.8Michael Opdenacker
2022-12-18manuals: create references to buildtoolsMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18ref-manual/system-requirements.rst: update buildtools instructionsMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18ref-manual/resources.rst: improve description of mailing listsMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18manuals: final removal of SERIAL_CONSOLE variableMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18manuals: define proper numbered listsMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18ref-manual/images.rst: fix unnumbered listMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18manual: improve documentation about using external toolchainsMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18ref-manual: update references to release notesMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18ref-manual/resources.rst: fix formatingMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18manuals: fix double colonsMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18manuals: add missing SPDX license header to source filesMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18manuals: add missing references to variablesMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18manuals: add reference to yocto-docs git repository to page footerMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-18ref-manual: add references to variables only documented in the BitBake manualMichael Opdenacker
2022-12-17bitbake: bitbake: Convert to argparseJoshua Watt
2022-12-17bitbake: process: log odd unlink events with bitbake.sockFrank de Brabander
2022-12-17cairo: update patch for CVE-2019-6461 with upstream solutionQuentin Schulz
2022-12-17libpcre2: Upgrade to 10.42Khem Raj
2022-12-17meson: no need to rebuild on installRoss Burton
2022-12-17efibootmgr: update compilation with muslMarta Rybczynska
2022-12-17rust: update 1.65.0 -> 1.66.0Alex Kiernan
2022-12-17rust: Install target.json for target rustcAlex Kiernan
2022-12-17gtk+3: port to MesonRoss Burton
2022-12-17curl: Correct LICENSE from MIT-open-group to curlRanjitsinh Rathod
2022-12-17package_rpm: Fix Linux 6.1.0 perf 1.0 version mistranslationMarek Vasut
2022-12-17time64: Rename to a .inc file to match the othersRichard Purdie
2022-12-17epiphany: use gcr3Markus Volk
2022-12-17gcr: add recipe for gcr-4, needed to build with gtk4Markus Volk
2022-12-17gcr: rename gcr -> gcr3Markus Volk
2022-12-17gtk4: import recipe from meta-gnomeMarkus Volk
2022-12-17graphene: import from meta-oeMarkus Volk
2022-12-17time64.conf: Include to enable 64 bit time flagsOla x Nilsson
2022-12-17insane: Add QA check for 32 bit time and file offset functionsOla x Nilsson
2022-12-17bitbake.conf: Add module function vardepsexclude entriesRichard Purdie
2022-12-17bitbake: codeparser/data: Add vardepsexclude support to module dependency codeRichard Purdie
2022-12-17bitbake: ast/data/codeparser: Add dependencies from python module functionsRichard Purdie
2022-12-17bitbake: siggen: Clarify which fn is meantRichard Purdie
2022-12-17bitbake: build/siggen: Rework stamps functionsRichard Purdie
2022-12-17bitbake: siggen: Add dummy dataCaches from task context/datastoreRichard Purdie
2022-12-17bitbake: bitbake: siggen/runqueue: Switch to using RECIPE_SIGGEN_INFO feature...Richard Purdie
2022-12-17bitbake: siggen: Directly store datacaches referenceRichard Purdie
2022-12-13Revert "kernel-fitimage: reduce dependency to the cpio"Richard Purdie
2022-12-13kernel-fitimage: reduce dependency to the cpioPatrick Williams
2022-12-13gptfdisk: Enable largefile support functionsKhem Raj
2022-12-13rpcsvc-proto: Use autoconf knob to enable largefile supportKhem Raj
2022-12-13gtk+3: upgrade 3.24.34 -> 3.24.35Ross Burton
2022-12-13libepoxy: remove upstreamed patchRoss Burton
2022-12-13meson: always use meson subcommandsRoss Burton