AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-07poky: Update to prepare for scarthgap releaseRichard Purdie
2024-03-07go: filter out build specific path from the linker flagsChangqing Li
2024-03-07systemd: remove systemd-bus-proxy settingsChen Qi
2024-03-07systemd: use RDEPENDS for systemd-vconsole-setupChen Qi
2024-03-07systemd: fix dead link /var/log/READMEChangqing Li
2024-03-07rxvt-unicode: Fix installing of terminfoChangqing Li
2024-03-07valgrind: skip intermittently failing ptestsRandy MacLeod Add testing for correct sstate permissionsEilís 'pidge' Ní Fhlannagáin
2024-03-07oeqa/runtime/login: Fix dbus-wait timeout and loop conditionalRichard Purdie
2024-03-07oeqa/runtime/login: Add screenshot sample logic/timeout/dbus-waitEilís 'pidge' Ní Fhlannagáin
2024-03-07oeqa/runtime/login: Exclude qemuriscv64Eilís 'pidge' Ní Fhlannagáin
2024-03-07oeqa/runtime/login: Mask out the mouse panel icon for nowRichard Purdie
2024-03-07oeqa/runtime/login: Various code improvements and fixesRichard Purdie
2024-03-07oeqa/runtime/login: Proof of concept for screenshot testcasesEilís 'pidge' Ní Fhlannagáin
2024-03-07screenshot-tests: Add initial screenshot test png files for core-image-satoEilís 'pidge' Ní Fhlannagáin Fix error on calls to run_monitorEilís 'pidge' Ní Fhlannagáin
2024-03-07webkitgtk: upgrade 2.42.2 -> 2.42.5Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07vulkan: upgrade -> Kanavin
2024-03-07vala: upgrade 0.56.13 -> 0.56.15Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07update-rc.d: upgrade to latest revisionAlexander Kanavin
2024-03-07taglib: upgrade 1.13.1 -> 2.0 and add utfcpp recipe to support thatAlexander Kanavin
2024-03-07ttyrun: upgrade 2.30.0 -> 2.31.0Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07systemd: upgrade 255.1 -> 255.4Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07shaderc: update 2023.7 -> 2023.8Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07repo: upgrade 2.41 -> 2.42Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07python3-wcwidth: upgrade 0.2.12 -> 0.2.13Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07python3-setuptools: upgrade 69.0.3 -> 69.1.1Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07python3-ruamel-yaml: upgrade 0.17.35 -> 0.18.6Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07python3-jsonschema: upgrade 4.17.3 -> 4.21.1 and add new dependenciesAlexander Kanavin
2024-03-07python3-dtschema: upgrade 2023.7 -> 2024.2Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07python3-build: upgrade 1.0.3 -> 1.1.1Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07piglit: upgrade to latest revisionAlexander Kanavin
2024-03-07puzzles: upgrade to latest revisionAlexander Kanavin
2024-03-07orc: upgrade 0.4.37 -> 0.4.38Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07nghttp2: upgrade 1.59.0 -> 1.60.0Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07minicom: upgrade 2.8 -> 2.9Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07mesa: upgrade 24.0.1 -> 24.0.2Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07mc: upgrade 4.8.30 -> 4.8.31Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07man-pages: upgrade 6.05.01 -> 6.06Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07lsof: upgrade 4.98.0 -> 4.99.3Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07librsvg: upgrade 2.56.3 -> 2.57.1Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07linux-firmware: upgrade 20231211 -> 20240220Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07libxml2: upgrade 2.11.5 -> 2.12.5Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07libusb1: upgrade 1.0.26 -> 1.0.27Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07librepo: update 1.16.0 -> 1.17.0Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07libpcre2: upgrade 10.42 -> 10.43Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07libpciaccess: upgrade 0.17 -> 0.18Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07libdnf: update 0.72.0 -> 0.73.0Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07libbsd: upgrade 0.11.8 -> 0.12.1Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-07kmscube: upgrade to latest revisionAlexander Kanavin