AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-10poky.conf: Bump for 2.1 development2.1_M1Beth Flanagan
2015-12-09bitbake: toaster: toasterui Add ParseStarted/ParseProgress events to maskbrian avery
2015-12-09build-appliance-image: Update to master head revisionRichard Purdie
2015-12-09linux-yocto: Update genericx86* BSPs to v4.1.13Saul Wold
2015-12-09cmake: Add nios2 supportMarek Vasut
2015-12-09boost: adjust hard-coded path after python3 upgradeLukas Bulwahn / OpkgSdk: remove_packaging_data() after installHaris Okanovic
2015-12-09devtool: extract: update SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS for kernelMarkus Lehtonen
2015-12-09devtool: extract: copy kernel config to srctreeMarkus Lehtonen
2015-12-09lib/oe/package_manager: Introducing PACKAGE_FEED_BASE_PATHS/PACKAGE_FEED_ARCHSLeonardo Sandoval
2015-12-09selftest/ Add test for custom bootloader configMariano Lopez
2015-12-09directdisk-bootloader-config.wks: Add example for custom bootloader configMariano Lopez
2015-12-09wic/ Document the new option "configfile"Mariano Lopez
2015-12-09wic: Allow to use a custom config for bootloadersMariano Lopez
2015-12-09wic/utils/ Added function to search for files in canned-wksMariano Lopez
2015-12-09wic: Prepare wicboot to allow custom bootloader configMariano Lopez
2015-12-09package_ipk: allow to specify OPKG_ARGS in local.confVladimir Zapolskiy
2015-12-09systemd.bbclass: Allow enabling of parameterised servicesBob Ham
2015-12-09base: check for existing prefix when expanding names in PACKAGECONFIGRoss Burton
2015-12-08linux-yocto/4.1: Fix kernel oops on qemuarm bootBruce Ashfield ensure cleaned environment will work for ext SDKPaul Eggleton
2015-12-08bitbake: knotty: Enforce terminal line limit to stop crazy scrollingRichard Purdie
2015-12-08initramfs-framework: create directory /var/runWills Wang
2015-12-08libpcre: drop UPSTREAM_CHECK_ variablesRoss Burton
2015-12-08libpcre: upgrade to 8.38Fan Xin
2015-12-08libpng: update 1.6.19 -> 1.6.20 (CVE-2015-8126)Andre McCurdy
2015-12-08ghostscript: add dependency for pnglibconf.hJoe Slater split the rest of the entries to their recipesAlexander Kanavin split entries which blacklist specific versions to their r...Alexander Kanavin split sourceforge related entries to their own recipesAlexander Kanavin split PyPi related entries to their own recipesAlexander Kanavin split Debian-related entries into their own recipesAlexander Kanavin split GITTAGREGEX entries into recipe filesAlexander Kanavin split entries with odd-even versioning into their own recipesAlexander Kanavin deprecate the fileAlexander Kanavin
2015-12-08gstreamer: really fix the helper install raceRoss Burton
2015-12-08neard: fix libdir/libexecdir confusionRoss Burton
2015-12-08glibc: fix libdir/libexecdir path confusionRoss Burton
2015-12-08sudo: handle libexecdir != libdir/PN.Ross Burton
2015-12-08util-linux: Add ptestTudor Florea
2015-12-08libav: Correctly handle prefix=""Mike Crowe
2015-12-08libav: Add PACKAGECONFIG options: avdevice, avfilter, avplay, gplMike Crowe
2015-12-08libav: Remove deprecated --disable-avserverMike Crowe
2015-12-08busybox: backport upstream fixes for unzipAndre McCurdy
2015-12-08qt4-4.8.7: fix build for mips n32Robert Yang
2015-12-08gstreamer1.0: Convert tests and valgrind config opts to PACKAGECONFIGsFabrice Coulon
2015-12-08cracklib: fix for base_libdir == libdirJoshua Lock
2015-12-08libbsd: Upgrade to 0.8.0Marek Vasut
2015-12-08libcroco: Upgrade 0.6.8 -> 0.6.9Jussi Kukkonen
2015-12-08shared-mime-info: Upgrade 1.4 -> 1.5Jussi Kukkonen