AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-18rust: use nativepython3 rather than host python3rmacleod/rust-wip-sept-5Randy MacLeod
2020-09-18librsvg: update to 2.49.5Randy MacLeod
2020-09-18librsvg: Update from 2.40.20 to 2.46.4Randy MacLeod
2020-09-18ripgrep: add temporarilyRandy MacLeod
2020-09-18Add rust 1.46.0Steven Walter
2020-09-18rust: use PARALLEL_MAKE instead of BB_NUMBER_THREADSMartin Jansa whitelist BB_NUMBER_THREADS in do_compileTyler Hall
2020-09-18Bump to Rust version 1.43Alistair Francis
2020-09-18Revert "cargo: fix progress output"Steven Walter
2020-09-18cargo: fix progress outputSteven Walter cut build time in halfSteven Walter run in parallelSteven Walter make max-atomic-width an integerSteven Walter
2020-09-18rust-native shouldn't depend on TARGET variablesSteven Walter
2020-09-18rustfmt: Upgrade to 1.4.2Khem Raj
2020-09-18Avoid extra sh process from shell wrapperAngus Lees
2020-09-18Update 0001-Disable-http2.patch for cargo 1.41.0Colin Finck
2020-09-18Update to Rust 1.41.0Colin Finck
2020-09-18rust: add a language demo image to test reproducibilityRandy MacLeod
2020-09-18cargo: Refresh http2 disable patchAlex Kiernan
2020-09-18Update 0001-Disable-http2.patch for Cargo shipped with Rust 1.40.0Colin Finck
2020-09-18Update to Rust and Cargo 1.40.0.Colin Finck
2020-09-18rust: Use Python3 native for buildAlistair Francis
2020-09-18rust: Improve TUNE_FEATURE parsingZubair Lutfullah Kakakhel
2020-09-18Update to Rust and Cargo 1.39.0Reto Schneider
2020-09-18rust: mv to recipes-devtools/rust/README-rust.mdRandy MacLeod
2020-09-18meta-rust: move code to oe-core from meta-rust layerRandy MacLeod
2020-09-18Add libgit2, libssh2 from meta-oe for rustRandy MacLeod
2020-09-17build-appliance-image: Update to master head revisionRichard Purdie
2020-09-17ref-manual: examples: libxpm: add relative path to .incQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17ref-manual: examples: hello-autotools: upgrade to 2.10Quentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: fix or add missing links and remove mention of Eclipse workflowQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: "highlight" some variables, tasks or filesQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: fix a few typos or missing/too many wordsQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: brief-yoctoprojectqs: put other distros note after Ubuntu-specific pa...Quentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: fix incorrect indentationsQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: replace special quotes with single and double quotesQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: overview-manual: remove highlight in bold sectionQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: what-i-wish-id-known: update "don't be fooled by doc search results"Quentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: brief-yoctoprojectqs: add note on branch consistency between layersQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: overview-manual: fix bitbake basic explanationQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: overview-manual: add link to AUH how-to sectionQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: brief-yoctoprojectqs: add missing boilerplateQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: brief-yoctoprojectqs: fix ambiguous note for cyclone5 exampleQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: brief-yoctoprojectqs: remove redundant welcomeQuentin Schulz
2020-09-17sphinx: toaster-manual: fix vars, links, code blocksTim Orling
2020-09-17sphinx: dev-manual: Clarify that virtual providers do not apply to runtime de...Joshua Watt
2020-09-17sphinx: test-manual code block, link, and format updateMark Morton
2020-09-17sphinx: overview-manual: Various URL, code block and other fixes to imported ...Richard Purdie
2020-09-17sphinx: ref-manual/migration: Split each release into its own fileRichard Purdie