BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterchecksums.ini: This kind of file died out years ago, remove.Richard Purdie10 years
denzilkern-tools: specify denzil SRCREVBruce Ashfield11 years
dev-ngkern-tools: temporarily point to tools-ng branchBruce Ashfield12 years
zedd/dev-ngkern-tools: temporarily point to tools-ng branchBruce Ashfield12 years
edisonedison:stash: bruce's locationsBruce Ashfield12 years
dvhart/meta-linaro-devlinux-linaro-2.6.35: inherit from kernel and drop linux.incDarren Hart13 years
nitin/gcc-4.5.1.linarogcc-4.5.1.linaro: sync up with latest masterNitin A Kamble13 years
nitin/gcc-4.5.2+linarolayer.conf: update gcc version to 4.5.2Nitin A Kamble13 years
kernel-devmeta-kernel-dev: create kernel development layerBruce Ashfield13 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-06-28checksums.ini: This kind of file died out years ago, remove.HEADmasterRichard Purdie
2013-06-28meta-linaro: Drop this since its obsoleteRichard Purdie
2013-05-06meta-kernel-dev: remove linux-yocto-customBruce Ashfield
2013-05-06meta-kernel-dev: remove linux-yocto-dev.bbappendsBruce Ashfield
2013-05-06meta-kernel-dev: add missing linux-yocto bbappendsBruce Ashfield
2013-05-06meta-kernel-dev: remove old/dangling bbappendsBruce Ashfield
2012-09-10linux-yocto-dev: bump version to 3.6+Bruce Ashfield
2012-08-14layer.conf: clarify commentsTrevor Woerner
2012-06-15extras: remove from custom recipesBruce Ashfield
2012-06-08meta-kernel-dev: cleanup bbappends and add 3.4Bruce Ashfield