AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-12gcc-source: Add all Xilinx MicroBlaze GCC 7.2 patchesrockoNathan Rossi
2018-01-12binutils: Add all Xilinx MicroBlaze binutils 2.29 patchesNathan Rossi
2017-12-13meta-xilinx: Restructuring meta-xilinx to support multiple layersManjukumar Matha
2017-12-06arch-microblaze.inc: Add 'frequency-optimized' tuneNathan Rossi
2017-12-06arch-microblaze.inc: Add v10.0 conflict for bigendianNathan Rossi
2017-12-06feature-microblaze-versions.inc: Rework and expand version conflictsNathan Rossi
2017-12-06kc705-microblazeel: Updates to match v2017.3 bitstreamNathan Rossi
2017-12-06kc705-bitstream_2017.3.bb: Update to v2017.3 KC705 bitstreamNathan Rossi
2017-12-04conf/machine: Add virtual/boot-bin dependency and set providerNathan Rossi
2017-12-04u-boot-spl-zynq-init.inc: Add virtual/boot-bin providerNathan Rossi
2017-12-04u-boot-xlnx: provide overrideable repo/branch plumbingManjukumar Matha
2017-12-04arm-trusted-firmware: provide reconfigurable repo/branchManjukumar Matha
2017-12-04device-tree.bb: Add variable to override device tree padding sizeManjukumar Matha
2017-12-04device-tree.bb: Provide override device tree directoryManjukumar Matha
2017-12-04device-tree.bb: Remove multiple inherit statementsManjukumar Matha
2017-12-02qemu-devicetrees_2017.3.bb: Rewire QEMU devicetree recipeManjukumar Matha
2017-12-02qemu-xilinx_2017.3.bb: Rewire QEMU recipe to adopt to Xilinx releasesManjukumar Matha
2017-11-30arm-trusted-firmware.inc: Remove stale FILESEXTRAPATHS_prependManjukumar Matha
2017-11-29pmu-firmware: Fix the pmu-firmware providerManjukumar Matha
2017-11-29zc706-zynq7: Add runqemu supportAlistair Francis
2017-11-29zc702-zynq7: Add runqemu supportAlistair Francis
2017-11-21zcu102-zynqmp: Setup runqemu to boot from an SD imageNathan Rossi
2017-11-21u-boot-xlnx_2017.3: Fix QEMU SD boot partition setupNathan Rossi
2017-11-21image-types-xilinx-qemu.bbclass: Add conversion type to pad for QEMUNathan Rossi
2017-11-21arm-trusted-firmware.inc: Deploy atf-uboot.ubNathan Rossi
2017-11-21u-boot-xlnx.inc: For ZCU102 populate u-boot-spl.binNathan Rossi
2017-11-21u-boot-zynq-uenv.bb: Rework into python task and support ZynqMPNathan Rossi
2017-11-21zcu102-zynqmp: Update kernel device treesNathan Rossi
2017-11-21zcu102-zynqmp: Use 'rev 1.0' U-Boot config and deploy boot.binNathan Rossi
2017-11-21Update recipes for Xilinx v2017.3 releaseNathan Rossi
2017-11-21u-boot-spl-zynq-init.inc: Add ZynqMP PMU binary input supportNathan Rossi
2017-11-21u-boot-spl-zynq-init.inc: Use task and rework logicNathan Rossi
2017-11-21device-tree: Setup COMPATIBLE_MACHINENathan Rossi
2017-11-20zc70*-zynq7.conf: Remove rtc.sccManjukumar Matha
2017-11-09tune-zynqmp.inc: Add default tune for multilib lib32 buildsManjukumar Matha
2017-11-07device-tree: Populate the built device tree blobs into the sysrootNathan Rossi
2017-11-07pmu-rom_2017.3.bb: Update to use the v2017.3 pmu-rom from ZCU102 BSPNathan Rossi
2017-11-07zcu102-zynqmp.conf: Add serial consoles checkManjukumar Matha
2017-10-18kernel-module-mali.bb: Add PM runtime barries after removing from suspendManjukumar Matha
2017-10-18linux-yocto_4.4.bbappend: Drop patches for 4.4Nathan Rossi
2017-10-18linux/xilinx-kmeta: Consolidate zybo-linux-bd-zynq7 configsNathan Rossi
2017-10-18tune-*.inc: Remove KMACHINENathan Rossi
2017-10-18linux-xlnx: Rework kernel config setupNathan Rossi
2017-10-18linux-yocto: Rework kmeta/config for linux-yocto bbappendsNathan Rossi
2017-10-18linux/xilinx-kmeta: Collapse xilinx-* kmeta directories into oneNathan Rossi
2017-10-18linux/config: Rework kmeta based on kernel-cache mergeNathan Rossi
2017-10-18u-boot-xlnx.inc: In certain cases the 'bc' command is neededNathan Rossi
2017-10-18gnu-config: No longer neededNathan Rossi
2017-10-18shadow: Drop shadow hack/workaround for MicroBlazeNathan Rossi
2017-10-18gcc-source_7.%.bbappend: Update/add patches for GCC 7Nathan Rossi